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Princess Spaghetti + the King's Revenge

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PoopsNice.jpg This article is about a notable YouTube Poop.


Princess Spaghetti + the King's Revenge is a three-part Flash Poop originally created by Titleinlarge that is often hailed as the first great, epic, story poop, inspiring many poopers to expand on and improve the genre.


It is a CD-i based poop, and uses very few other sources, although flash effects are used heavily throughout. The video generally does not meet up to today's standards for what a great poop would be. Most of the jokes are overused and predictable today, and there is little to no sentence mixing using the actual voices of the characters saying the lines. However, the flash effects and storytelling were particularly revolutionary for their time, and still hold up fairly well today. Especially famous is the Pokemon-style battle between Mario and Luigi and Zelda and Bowser towards the end, which was number one on Pimpsahoy's top ten moments list for the month, and on Captpan6's top 100 moments list for the entire year of 2007.


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