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Poop Based games

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A poop based game is a game that is either developed for the YouChew community featuring poopers and poop characters or a game that are based on poops such as Super Robotnik Land or certain poop sources e.g. CD-i. Often these games were made using RPG Maker, Game Maker or Multimedia Fusion with people requesting "Can I be in it?" whenever a game gets made. Some of these were even used as sources. The problem is that many poop based games were not released due to that they either weren't finished or lost via hard drive crashes.

Youtube Poop: The RPG[edit]

This was the first poop game that was shown on YouChew around September-October 2007 by drpimpwii using RPG Maker 2003. All it was shown was a few screenshots featuring Kirby as the main character and cancelled as soon as it was started.

Poop Adventure starring Stegblob and MrDrunkenFox[edit]

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Poop Adventure screenshot

The first finished poop based game made by Furnessly in a week using RPG Maker 2003 in October 2007. Stegblob, MrDrunkenFox and Misselaineous10 were sent by Conrad to stop the AIDS who were various characters who appeared in poops e.g. Bill O'Reilly, CaptainFleaSam. Despite the game was released very early on YouChew's life; it included some references to poopers, various jokes and things that got predicted later. While the game got praise, there were some problems regarding a few characters not being accurate and the low difficulty level. To celebrate 5 years of both the forum and the game, a remix version was made with some changes.

Super YTP RPG[edit]

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Super YTP RPG Screenshot

After the response of Poop Adventure, GameCubeHero decided to make his own game and was released shortly after. Stegblob, MrDrunkenFox and Misselaineous10 return (with a different sprite of the latter) with Idiotska as playable characters. The most remembered thing from the game was an enemy called Dead Baby who was really hard to beat. Some of the graphics were taken from Poop Adventure as well as the 3 playable characters but the rest of the game was original and is the inspiration of YouChewPoop Chronicles. Sadly the game is lost over time.

Poop Adventure 2: Electric Boogaloo (Furnessly)[edit]

While GameCubeHero relased his game, Furnessly was working on the sequel to Poop Adventure even going as far as making a fake interview with someone from Aspect talking about the game. Even though it was cancelled at an early stage with only the barebones in place; it had improvements such as a HUD, harder difficulty level, correct sprite of PapaGonzales, helper characters such as Dr. Robotnik and Daffy Duck plus Phil Collins being the first boss. The game was stopped shortly with what was completed sent to MrDrunkenFox, calling the game Poop Adventure 2: The Trial refering to Sonic Adventure 2 and it was made on Feburary 2008. Unlike the other cancelled poop based games, a build still exists and most of what appeared in the game was included in Poop Adventure Remix.

Super Robotnik Land[edit]

Created by Dezzan using Game Maker, this game is based on a poop called Robotnik and his Gameboy that featured the game. The game is a platfomer using monochrome graphics in a loose style of the Game Boy where the player controls Dr. Robotnik with the ability to jump and hit enemies using his PINGAS move via the S button on the keyboard. Enemies include such as Sonic, Kingman, Morshu, Fat Mario.

Full Metal Kiwi's RPG[edit]

The game was designed by Full Metal Kiwi using his knowledge from RPGs. Not much is known about this game. Sadly the game was wiped from a hard drive crash so it ended up cancelled and whatever was left were a few screenshots.

Poop Edusoft[edit]

Unlike the rest of the games; this is an educational quiz game designed to learn about the various poop related things such as methods, sources and poopers as well as relaxing in the Poop Tennis Cafe run by RabbitSnore. Like with the Poop Adventure games, this was made by Furnessly using RPG Maker 2003 and some stuff were recycled from the previous games. The title screen calls this game Tails and the Music Maker after the Sega Pico game.

Poop Adventure 2 (Deepercutt)[edit]

Developed in secret, Deepercutt was working on his own sequel to Poop Adventure (despite that a sequel existed) due to that he was disappointed with the other poop based games but really loved Poop Adventure since he saw it "more technological advanced". The 3 main playable characters were Deepercutt (as a Mario recolor), toadomos (as Toad) and Guysafari (as Colette Brunel) but featured Misselaineous10, Feghoot (as Goemon) and RabbitSnore in the plots. While Deepercutt said the game was finished, he disappeared without a trace so whether the game was actually complete or that it became lost remains to be seen.

YouChewPoop Chronicles series[edit]

Designed by Zacheatscrackers, three poop games were made using various RPG Makers (RPG Maker 2003, XP and VX). The games took a more humourous approach like Super YTP RPG as well as featuring banned or known bad guys of YouChew such as Oz, Mei Ling and Kinghomer45. One of the main criticisms of the games were that it contained bugs and some players couldn't get past certain points due to missing resources however Zach usually was quick to fix the bugs.


  • There were some ideas that were considered but dropped such as a Poop Tennis game featuring poop tennis players, sequels to existing games, parodies of other games and of other genres.