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YTPMV.jpg This pooper is a frequent creator of YouTube Poop Music Videos.

About Midori[edit]

Yo the Names Midori. Formerly “Green ProDuctions” for a good while. Born and raised from Iowa, and I used to make youtube poops. I joined the scene in 2013 when they had the YouTube Editor thing back then.

History of Midori[edit]

In 2013, some dumbass decided to make a YouTube account on a sick day from school, called “Green ProDuctions”, mainly for youtube poops, and Thomas videos. There was barely any content as his iPad broke and there wasn’t anything to film with. He didn’t know what a proper youtube editor was until early 2014, when he used GoAnimate. He had GoPlus for one month, made some grounded videos until that expired, he got Windows Movie Maker. That’s when he made some Caillou YTP’s and started off there. His laptop broke and only one computer left in the house for him to use, and he was never able to use it.

Until summer of 2015, his brother lacked computer time, thus having Green to make YTP’s of his imagination. He was thrilled... with those shitty YTP’s he made. He made some friends down the route of making YTP’s. His dumbass told his whole school about his channel, and forced him to private all of his videos for a while. At the summer of 2016, he came back, and made more YTP’s in the summer, that is until Band Camp came for him and got him busy with life. He also got a job, making 8 dollars an hour and not having any time to make videos, but he discovered YTPMV at the time and wanted to make some, thanks to his inspirations, Robyn, Haiiro, and Genbu at the time. Unfortunately, he never finished making them, so it got scrapped somewhere.

Winter of 2017, he lacked interest on making videos and was gonna put a shut to his channel, but came back 4 months later making more videos, he started making YTPMV, but it was shit so he kept trying to improve, but barely any luck at the time, down came 2018, he finally got his own laptop and he started making YTPMV’s again. He barely improved as it still is utter shit, and needed some sample improving, as well as samples needing improvements. Until his ban from YouChew, he stopped the productions of youtube poops, and renamed himself to “Midori” at the time cause it sounded cooler and his original name was 22 letters long.

2019, he got his first job in the State of California, but got fired in 2 months due to sales issues, he was still trying to improve on YTPMV, until he finally decided to download Reaper in May. It did him some improvements on audio and now his audio actually finally sounds good for once. In this day, he still makes YTPMV’s.

Preferred Softwares[edit]

  • Sony Vegas Pro 14
  • UTAU
  • FL Studios
  • Reaper
  • AviUTL
  • VocalShifter

Preferred Sources[edit]

  • The Loud House
  • Kill me Baby
  • Kantai Collection
  • Rurouni Kenshin
  • Hatsune Miku Vocaloid Related
  • RWBY
  • Olympus Guardian (Yes that scene from Ep. 21)
  • Nanko Chan (Kunna Kunna Kunna)
  • Yuru Camp
  • Morning Reacue/Madoka Magica
  • The Simpsons
  • Daft Punk

There are a shit ton of sources he uses, but here’s a list of what you’ll expect in an average of his YTPMV’s.


  • Sentence Mixing
  • Sex Jokes
  • Random shit


  • Robyn
  • 灰色マテリアル
  • Y Genbu


  • YTPMV's
  • 灰色マテリアル
  • Green Mythology
  • Apple
  • Anime
  • 24K Gold
  • H


  • Paint
  • GoAnimate and their fans
  • MLG Jokes
  • Anyone who makes YouTube Poops with a camera and soundboard
  • YouTube Poopers who uses MS Paint that gets 1 million views
  • Shuric Scan Veg replacements
  • Little children with a ton of subscribers.
  • Little children who bugs him for more than a minute
  • People who keeps using the same effects over and over (Come on! I want to see something new!)
  • Retarded people
  • Paperking99 wannabes

Fans (Add yourself if you’d like)[edit]

  • TheWackyWeevil
  • ZackZilla
  • SakiZ
  • CamHead
  • ThirtyTwelve
  • Morimoto
  • i45hz
  • Silver37
  • Little children who stalk him
  • Korean Bambos


  • He has been on YouTube for almost 5 years, and still makes videos
  • He was once suspended from school back in his Freshman year.
  • He actually once owned a Wikia about his fan-made shit. He abandoned it in November 22, 2016. He also made a Fan-made Gumball Game Wikia, But has abandoned it in March 18, 2015.
  • He uses Apple Music.
  • His waifu is Dedede as confirmed on the YouChew forums (I don't blame him, King Dedede is a sexy beast).