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Marie Kanker

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"I like cheaters!"

Name: Marie Kanker
Appears In: Ed, Edd n' Eddy
Sex: Female
Occupation(s): Full-time Kanker Sister
Played By: Kathleen Barr


Marie Kanker is the middle sister of the Kankers, being older than May but younger than Lee. She's often referred to as the most arrogant of the three sisters, although they do often act similarly. She has relatively short blue hair that covers her right eye; although, it's unknown whether it was dyed this way or if it is her natural hair color (same case with Rolf). Her unconditional desire to get into Edd's (Double D's) pants is very evident throughout the length of the series, since Edd is often portrayed as a victim to her extreme desire and passion for him. She is most commonly seen wearing her normal attire of a black tank-top and green BDU pants with a pink belt, although her bedtime apparel is a green sleeveless shirt and polka-dotted boxer shorts. She's often thought to be a rock 'n roll type of girl due to her overall appearance.

Marie's personality is a more tomboyish one than her fellow Kanker sisters, being rather intimidating, very strong (as portrayed in numerous occasions) and easy to anger. She (like all the Kankers) has an angry side that's feared by all who have seen it, such as in the episode 'Run For Your Ed', when all the Kankers wreak havoc on all the kids in the cul-de-sac and the cul-de-sac itself by destroying everything in sight. Marie is also the sneakiest and craftiest of the three Kanker sisters by being the most rational of the three. She's regularly quite successful at being able to fool someone.

Marie's voice, in comparison to Lee's and May's, is the highest and girliest sounding of the three, especially when she's excited about something. However, when she's pissed off or irritated about something, her voice takes on a dryer, harsher tone. When she cries, her voice can waver and take on a higher pitch.


  • Edd
  • Cars
  • Picking on Others
  • Her Sisters (Sometimes)


  • The Other Eds
  • Her Sisters (The Other Times)