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Klasky-Csupo Inc.

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The Klasky Csupo logo.

Klasky Csupo is a multimedia entertainment production company that created nicktoons shows like Rugrats.

About This Company[edit]


  • Logo Editing People
  • Viacom

Fun Facts[edit]

  • A lot of logo poopers use this logo source by remixing with effects
  • Preview 2 is a Sparta remix and Electronic Sounds version of Klasky Csupo logo
  • Lolmanxd444 had made a infamous fad known as Class Key Chew Poh
  • Lots of people have been remixing a scratch project called "Klasky Csupo Robot Logo 8000" for these things called "Klasky Errors"

Source for Poopers[edit]

  • Klasky Csupo logo
  • For most shows such as Rugrats, you must to rip your DVD/VHS to get the source.