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Name: The Kid-A-Littles
Country of Origin: USA
Type of Source: TV series
Created By: Gary Blohm
Year Created: 1983

Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 13
Year Ended: 1983

{{#ev:youtube|I3OGZVoJKug|320}}The theme song. An extended version exists as part of a cast album, which Brillemeister owns a copy of.

A children's television show combining human and puppet performers, that ran for one season on KNBC-TV in Los Angeles. It is set in, and follows the staff of, a fictional newspaper called The Daily Typo. Celebrities of the time such as Fred Willard, Ron Masak and Dick Gautier made appearances (and sang!).


  • Chief Clipper - The head of operations at the Daily Typo, played by John Wheeler (a Broadway performer who had a singing part in Sweet Charity, and a smaller role in the film version; also a reporter in Apollo 13). Tried and failed to bring back vaudeville for the 80's. Rocks straw boaters.
  • Scoop McGooter - The "cub reporter," voiced by Wayne Kaatz (the Master in The Brave Little Toaster). Plays the piano. Has an unwarranted superiority complex.
  • Giggleberry - The resident cartoonist, voiced by Allan Trautman (a longtime Muppeteer). As the author of the Running Gag comic strip, the only Kid-A-Little who is the creator of another Kid-A-Little. Rumored to favor nitrous oxide.
  • Dexter - The sports reporter, voiced by Tony Pope (of several anime dubs, including Heat Guy J, Big O, The Adventures of Mini-Goddess and the original Transformers series). Lisps. Appears unable to move the lower half of his body, and is never seen on-screen with other recurring characters; coincidence?
  • Muffy - The advice and exercise columnist, voiced by Alice Tweedy (Queen Peuta on the first season of Saturday Night Live). The only female character. Total fujoshi for Dick Gautier.
  • Nip - The white paperboy, voiced by Alice Tweedy. Dumb.
  • Tuck - The black paperboy, voice actor unknown. Keeps Nip in line.
  • Running Gag - The eponymous star of Giggleberry's comic strip, voice actor unknown. Shown in at least one promo for The Kid-A-Littles as a stereotypical Indian brave character, with BGM to match.


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