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Name: Hammerman
Country of Origin: USA
Type of Source: Animated TV Series
Created By: DiC Entertainment
Year Created: 1991

First Poop: Youtube Poop: The Adventures of BANHAMMERMAN

Hammerman was a Saturday morning cartoon that aired on ABC in 1991, following the adventures of M.C. Hammer's alter-ego, Hammerman.


Crime was rampant in the city in the 1960's, and the lone defender of the innocent was Soulman. Soulman's powers came from his magical shoes, and with them he defended the fair city from the criminal element. Unfortunately, as he grew older, he grew weaker, and thusly had to retire. To keep the city safe, he left the shoes in the possession of Stanley Burnell, who used them to become Hammerman.


  • Stanley - A youth center worker who defends the city as Hammerman.
  • Gramps - The former owner of the shoes, and he used to be Soulman.
  • Jodie - The Soulman's granddaughter.
  • Showbiz - A really creepy guy who's greedy and wants to exploit other people for his own gain.
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Showbiz wants nothing but your you-know-what.

History as a source[edit]

Stuart K. Reilly was the first pooper to introduce the source to the poop community in this video.

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