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Genocyber is a 1993-1994 OVA series produced by Bandai Visual and released in North America by U.S. Manga Corps. Genocyber was also released by Manga Entertainment's UK and Australian Divisions in The Cyberpunk Collection but only Episodes 1-3 were released in these regions, said collection also included two other cyberpunk OVA's Cyber City Oedo 808 and A.D. Police. It was made by Koichi Ohata. It has 5 pointless episodes.


The characters are Elaine, a small little girl who has weed problems and think she is an animal. Oh yeah and she can transform into Genocyber a monster that is as beutiful as Bison's Arse. Then its Diana, Elaine's sister, a girl which like to smash heads of random street punks which rape her sister. Kenneth Reed a retarded scientist who has digestion problems and claims to be Elaine's and Diana's father. Mel is a girl who is blind becuase she accidently got her boyfriends cock into her eyes while performing oral sex. Ryu is Mels boyfriend and is accused of cock blinding and killing random people with throwing knives

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