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Gavin Hayes

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Gavin Hayes[edit]

The common depiction of Gavin as a neckbearded "Bert."


"Gavin Hayes" was the self referential alias of a troll who made videos mocking members of The Michael Rosen Community and various poopers within from January to April 2014. Almost immediately as Gavin produced videos harassing the poopers, his own videos were pooped and used against him in an event known simply as "The Gavin Hayes Fiasco" The event began in January 2014 with the temporary takedown of RobGBA's channel and ended in April 2014 with a copyright strike against DrHotelMario. Sadly all of the original sources are considered lost, but the poops of him are still on Youtube.


In all of Gavin's original videos, his video feed was pure black, or footage of walls or other non revealing things. The most striking feature of Gavin was his strange voice that resembled Bert from Sesame Street.


Gavin in his videos always expressed extreme distaste for the YTPers for various silly reasons. On many occasions he would claim that all the YTPers were "Pony Neckbeard Faggot Virgins who live in their parent's basements." Much of the humor of these videos were the ludicrous statements made by Gavin towards the poopers. As more poops were made of him, Gavin only got more infuriated as time went on. Eventually he tried to use methods in his videos to make them harder to poop, but this did not slow down the poopers at all.


  • (mimicking a bugle horn) "HA HA HA HA!"
  • "Oh you have very fucking lives watching PONY TV!"
  • "Beware! I'm coming for you neckbeards and brony pussies!"
  • "Guess who's back, back again." (singing the Eminem song)
  • "It's going to be a battle to remember!"
  • (Singing the theme song to Friends (poorly)
  • "Ok mommy just drop the food off in my basement!" (mocking the poopers)
  • "That's very funny DrHotelMario, making your shitty poops of me with your 40 subscribers!"
  • "I know it's you DJDoomz, making the poops!"
  • "I've already accomplished this with RobGBA."
  • "Oh yeah!"

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