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Father's Shout

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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
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I first discovered Poop sometime around late '07- early '08. I was looking around for some MOTHER/EarthBound related videos on YouTube and I stumbled across a poop by Deepercutt called "If MOTHER 3 Was In English". At first I thought these YouTube Poop things were a series made by just one user. I didn't really think much of the video. Didn't love it, didn't hate it. Then months later I was listening to an episode of the podcast when one of the listeners sent in a question asking something like "Do you like YouTube Poop? If so what one is your favorite?" And one of the guys on the show said "Robotnik Wants KFC". So later on I searched for it on YouTube and checked it out. That's when I kinda started watching these "poop" things. I didn't start getting really into it until early '09 I think. About the same time I made my first YouTube channel called "m0therfan" (Lame name, I know). That's when I started subbing to all kinds of poopers and got really into it. I had thrown a few little poops on my channel but they were all awful. Most of them are still up. Then around late 2010 I figured I'd try making my own stuff and get better at it. I decided to make a new channel (with a COOL name for once.) I was really into Pink Floyd at the time and I was totally in love with their song "Atom Heart Mother Suite" and so I named myself after my favorite movement from the piece: the opener called "Father's Shout". Around the same time I made my YouChew account but I really didn't start posting until Late Feb. 2011. Unfortunately, my first 40ish posts were all lost in the "Oz incident". And I've been enjoying my time as a growing pooper ever since. OH, and my entire pooping career I've only used imovie '09. Which is REALLY basic. Almost WMM basic.

First Poop Seen

If MOTHER 3 Was In English by Deepercutt

First Poop Made

WHAT DID I DO?! (On the m0therfan channel)

Preferred Sources

  • Mega64
  • Live action material

Preferred Methods

  • Stutters
  • Loops
  • Chopping
  • Ear Rape
  • Occasional sentence mixing

Preferred Software

imovie '09


Just about anything


  • Spadinner
  • When people put YTP or YouTube Poop in the title of their poops


Seems that only recently people have started liking my stuff.


Can't really think of anything


  • Reaching 50+ Subscribers
  • Pooped the first poop I had ever seen (and possibly making it first round in a yearly tennis with myself)
  • Really pissing off Radock by having a photo of his face as a sig
  • Having a really good first Tennis match (with my homie TheRaz0rEdge)


  • TheRaz0rEdge
  • Uwilmod
  • and other dudes that support me



I am a fan of vids.


My Channel My Alt