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Dinosaur Train

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Them gay dinos.

Dinosaur Train is an animated TV program released in drawing circa 900,000 bc. The original drawing was found by Dr. Scott the Paleontologist, and he was honored by airing a revamped version on Sept. 7, 2009, with Scott in a regular block airing every 14 minutes.


Buddy Tyrannosaurus is a curious t-rex raised by a pteranodon family.

  • Tiny: A short pteranodon who suffers from bladder overactivity.
  • Shiny: A shy pteranodon.
  • Don: Overcaffienated.
  • Mrs. Pteranodon: Mom. The Good Mom
  • Mr. Pteranodon: Rare.


  • Buddy: "I have a hypothesis."
  • Mrs. Pteranodon: "Great/Good hypothesis, Buddy."

Don: "LOLZ" (that's pretty much his only quote).

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