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Crazy Fox Tells You About the Greatest Pyramid Scheme Ever

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PoopsNice.jpg This article is about a notable YouTube Poop.
{{#ev:youtube|Dg3n81wn0to|320}}The fox is right!

Crazy Fox Tells You About the Greatest Pyramid Scheme Ever is a Youtube Poop by NickShortsAlt first uploaded on 4 August 2008. It currently has over 43,000 views and is considered by many veterans to be an all-time classic, and is frequently quoted into the present day.


Crazy Fox is here at the bank to "Fuock All These Pee-Pole in tha Aaahhss". He wonders about, and trusts his intuition on the possibility that they may be "Home Oh Secks You'll". He pans the camera over to a woman holding a child, enthusiastically proclaiming that she fucks the kids, then pans to a different woman, whom he claims bought a Free Guy that can show her how to put thousands of people's cocks into your ass. He then pans over to a man whom he claims quit his job, whilist he himself fucks his kids, thanks to his home-based business. He hints towards the potential of working your own cock and bringing in the cocks YOU deserve, all from the comfort of home. He then instructs you to log onto this website to get your Sex Kit, in order to learn how to Fuck the Cocks you've been dreaming of. A satisfied customer of his declares that the information he provides to you, the viewer, is accurate. He then instructs you to log on Now to Fuck the Cocks, then vanishes from sight for 3 seconds. Upon reappearing, he renegades on his previous campaign, mentioning that you'd have to be crazy to visit this website. Before he can finish, he suddenly bears bright white eyes, a distorted voice with terrifying fangs and teeth, and reveals blood splattered all over his office.

Legacy and Influence[edit]

In the original comments, WalrusGuy commented that he "laughed out loud at the ending", which was similarly reacted to by MrTennek. Triple_sSs called it the best work he had made so far, and cantflyman commented "Never listen to furries." In the Neon Castle discord chat, the video frequently comes up or is quoted in conversation in some form, and individuals like Whelt and Dopply have claimed their love of this video still.