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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.


CrazyJ114 joined YouTube April 3 2008 because he wanted to put animations online, But he saw a poop called "Potter Puppet Pals YouTube Poop" by StuartZX. He thought it was funny, So he started watching other poops. Eventually he wanted to make poops of his own. He tried to make a Spongebob poop using Sailor Mouth, But it didn't work out. He couldn't switch audio because he had no idea about the Split button. He had XP back then, So it stopped responding. He also had XP when he made his first successful poop "Luigi's New Buddy". It was really short because his computer didn't have much Hard Drive space. Eventually, His computer broke, And he got a new one that runs Vista. It was a shared computer, So he couldn't install Vegas. He made several poops, And became somewhat popular.


On April 2 2009, He got a copyright strike for one of his best Spongebob poops, "Mr. Krabs loses his Dinner" and almost got suspended. He had to remove all his other Viacom copyrighted poops or else he would get suspended.


CrazyJ114's sister started a YouTube account, (liveformusic13). Eventually, Liveformusic13 stopped going on YouTube, So CrazyJ114 re-uploaded all his Spongebob poops except Mr. Krabs loses his Dinner. And also, 2 new Spongebob poops.


He didn't want to download Sony Vegas illegally, So he used trials while he was saving up for Vegas Movie Studio Platinum. Then he had trouble with his serial key, But he fixed it eventually.

Alt Account[edit]

He logged out of Liveformusic13's account without knowing the password, So for new Viacom poops, He started an alt account called CrazyJ114II.


He best YT friends are cheesycoke and javerdash.

Preferred Methods[edit]

Sentence mixing

Preferred sources[edit]

Mama Luigi
Reader Rabbit
Full House