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Capcom vs. SNK

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{{#ev:youtube|Ww8Xqr-t5lU|320}}What not to do with color editing.

This game represented the way how fighting are supposed to be made. Well if anyone has read the SNK article then you don't need to know how but it started as a magazine rumor before 2000 showing Street Fighter Alpha 3 and on the other side The King of Fighters 98'. Capcom would then sign the contract as well as SNK that they would make two of their very own installments for their crossover project.Many people didn't believe this until 2000 WHICH NO ONE WANTS TO FUCKING REMEMBER!!! which everybody knows why. This was also considered the first "TRUE" cross-over before that stupid ass Mario and Sonic Olympic game (I'm just going to kill myself moment) which no one gave a fuck about since day two.

Beta and Final Version[edit]

There is no video of the beta of this game except the pictures they have in this link please read to understand. The only stages in the game were copy and pasted from street fighter iii: 3rd strike (Yun's stage, Ken's stage, the basketball stage, and an unused stage which looks like a freakin church in Rome ( What were they thinking?!? ). These stages were replaced with the stages we know from the game; and the sprites were copied and pasted from street alpha for remodeling which is pretty much it for the beta.


The intro to this game really makes fun of the people who didn't believe int the rumor, not really sort of. The game consists of two grooves (yes they are called that) which are Capcom and SNK. Both of them are more used than having one unequal. The game can be a real bitch to you if you if it's your first time playing of course; so once you have gotten to the final boss which could be Geese Howard or M. Bison, the game will give you the original Fatal Fury ending (where Geese falls off) and a random ending predicting street fighter 4 (Volcano erupts). The game is quite fun until the pro version came out including Dan Hibiki and Joe Higashi with some minor fixes.


  • Sequel never came to the Dreamcast because of the PS2.
  • They were going to give it more of the alpha look (if you know what I'm saying).
  • Your skill will depend which challenger or boss you will fight.
  • The first game with color editing (bug-free).