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Breezie's the one on the right.

Breezie is a character from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, who most famously appeared in the episode Lovesick Sonic. She would later return in a couple of other episodes, Sonic the Matchmaker and Hero of the Year to be exact.


Created by Robotnik Steelworks in Moscow, Russia, Breezie was meant for assassination. Her first target was a hedgehog by the name of "Shaymin". Breezie failed to assassinate it, but she did make it inaccessible for North American players until 2009. Next target was Sonic the Hedgehog. However, Breezie developed a crush on the blue hedgehog and helped him defeat Dr. Robotnik. Currently, she runs a talk show.


  • Her favourite flowers are the Mobisia Marvelosa Marigoldias.
  • She has been sighted dating Robotnik Jr.
  • She was created after Robotnik was dumped by Megan Fox.
  • Breezie is in a small rivalry with Makoto Kino.