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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

Bagettistudios is a long retired pooper that is only known for a Dr. Mario YouTube Poop and nothing else, really. He's not that special, and he doesn't really care anymore.

In brief[edit]

Long retired from taking shits and posting it on YouTube, Bagettistudios resides on a different account which he uploads videos of himself playing Team Fortress 2 and other pointless stuff that has been done before. Oddly enough, his new channel has gained more popularity. He'll sometimes make stop-motion Gmod animation videos, but that's totally not the same thing as YouTube Poop. Nowadays, he spends his time playing Pokemon, Team Fortress 2 and endlessly masturbating to porn. Essentially, he has a pretty average life story.


He made brief poops involving Spadinner-esque sources on the oh-so well-recieved Windows Movie Maker. The only relatively unused source was Brentalfloss' Dr. Mario song. After a night of procrastination, masturbation, and elaboration, he would then unveil to the nation his greatest creation. This was his one-hit wonder, and afterward got bored of making YouTube Poops. He made a few other videos after that, but they gained very little popularity

First poop seen[edit]

YouTube Poop: Yoshi Is Gangster by AlienMyth

First poop made[edit]

Morshu is a Drug Dealer.


He is a connoisseur of various hats, and enjoys collecting them. Wait, you meant Pooping style? Okay, he sits on his throne and pushes...the power button on and fucks around in WMM.

Preferred Sources[edit]

Preferred Methods[edit]

Given the limited capability of Windows Movie Maker, he wasn't too bad at sentence mixing.

Preferred Software[edit]

Once from the magical land of Windows XP, Movie Maker and Paint, he turned to the use of Apple software for a different change of pace. He uses Audacity and Garry's Mod nowadays.



  • His own YouTube Poops


Not too much as far as pooping goes, but hey. At the very least, he's gotten mainly positive reception from the select few people that actually take the time to click the like or dislike button.


  • Holds the world record for nothing
  • Won a Golden Globe for nothing
  • Was awarded the Victoria Cross for his valiant act of nothing
  • Was knighted by the Queen of England for nothing
  • Won a lottery and became $0.00 richer

In Real Life[edit]

He enjoys long walks on the beach.




His group of online friends, the OpenFeinters.


  • His username was a corruption of baguette and TOTALLY not bagel and spaghetti combined for that super cool Pooper image
  • He retyped his entire Chewiki article after his past self fucked it up by making it look like a facebook information page and not something worth reading
  • His article is still not worth reading