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YouTube Poop IRC

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The YouTube Poop IRC (or #ytp) was the unofficial Internet Relay Chatroom for Youtube Poop. However, being an IRC chatroom, there was usually no clear or consistent topic, while at other times everyone was participating in IRC activities made up by frequenters of the chatroom. Most of the time it had nothing to do with YouTube Poop.

The ops at the IRC were ShadowWario, MrGenericMan, Christoph and ADHDYoshi.

It is now abandoned by the community. Chatting is now done in the "General Chat" thread on the forums.

How to get to the IRC[edit]

  • Go to Mibbit
    • The channel is #ytp, under the server
    • Simply search ytp on the front page. It should be the only result.

There is no password, and you don't need to register to anything.

Fads and In-Jokes[edit]

Although the chatroom was relatively obscure (that, or not enough people care), and its population rarely ever exceeded 10 people, it has spawned a few fads of its own.


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This was the result of a typo by MrGenericMan as he tried to type "AFRICANS" in the IRC one day, and since then MrGenericMan went by the name of AFRIVAN when in the IRC. It could be considered that AFRIVAN is a spin-off of the YouChewPoop fad "Africans", but regardless, be sure to say hi to the living meme for me.


Bonerman was created by ShadowWario, and is a smiling ASCII stick figure with a really large penis. The origins of Bonerman are unknown, and he often appears at random times, most often under the guidance of ShadowWario.

There are also a few variants of Bonerman, as shown below:


ChanServ was the main admin of the IRC. Like, even more than ShadowWario. It was a common joke to tell ChanServ to "get offa our cloud" or have RPG-style battles with him/her/it. He also banned anyone who posted a link as their first post, which had unluckily fallen on PeskeyPlumber two or three times.

At one time, ShadowWario successfully managed to get rid of him, but wanted him back because he couldn't do ChanServ-only features, like banning. It was so life-threatening and horrible, that a professional was brought in to fix everything up. But they successfully turned spambot off.

Other than this, ChanServ was pretty much as worthless as ADHDYoshi in his dead corpse form.

IRC Frequenters[edit]

These people were the most frequent visitors to the IRC.