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Tennis Glitched Cup

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Goofracket.jpg This article is about an unofficial Poop Tennis tournament, site-hosted or otherwise, without direct Cafe Staff involvement or intention of creating an official competition.
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Tennis Glitched Cup artwork, featuring iamoutofideas, glitch art pioneer and an inspiration to us all.

The Tennis Glitched Cup is a small unofficial Glitch Art oriented Cup Tournament that began on July 1st, 2015, opposing 8 players.

Motivation and concept[edit]

The Glitched Cup looked to create a tournament focused on Rapecore style, featuring databending/moshing or glitches. This is a semi-private mini-competition managed by laromande & Sid, it is a simple 1v1 single-elimination bracket tournament between 8 players. The idea came up very quickly during a discussion between laromande & Sid to do some kind of tiny face to face competition with people from a skype glitch group called "Glitch Lab" (which is the origin of the tournament name as an easter egg). It is not planned to give an award to the winner, there's no winner at tennis after all! This mini-event is meant to be played in the most sportive way, letting all of the players develop their respective styles, and hopefully helping them to improve some techniques (Glitch Lab's original goal).

Format and Rules[edit]

  • 8 players fight on a single-bracket that won't be randomized (excepted for the first Set of course), the bracket will be established when we'll get all the required players and few days before its official start (Have a look at the picture above).
  • There will also be a third place playoff.
  • At each Set, the participants who shall make the serves will be randomly decided.
  • Starting from the semifinals, the person who'll have to make the serve will be decided this way : if both players either did or didn't serve for their previous respective matches, the person who'll have to serve will be randomly designed. If one of the player did serve for their previous match and the other player didn't, then the player who didn't will have to serve this time.
  • 4 rounds per match for the Quarterfinals & the Semifinals
  • 6 rounds for the 3rd place match and the Final match
  • Time limit = 96 hours (4 days)
  • Video length = 20 seconds to 2 minutes

Original Setup[edit]

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Glitched Cup Bracket



The 4 quarterfinal matches consisted of :

QF 1) laromande vs. Thatco (who's replacing INTERGALACTICDEATHRAPE)

QF 2) Fiv95 vs. cyclejunkie

QF 3) LaVieCestLol vs. ABITW

QF 4) Peskeh (who's replacing Sploltoen) vs. Sid