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MediaNice.jpg This article is about a Media Source, which is remixed to create a YouTube Poop.

Daedreamer87 is a niche internet personality who made an infamous rant about how much he thinks Youtube Poop sucks. The man in his first video("WHATUPEVERYBODY!"), made a rant on Youtube Poop, claiming it wasn't a rant about AMVs or even full anime uploads, and claimed his title as a Naruto fan. After making a bunch of hilarious jokes about Youtube being able to shit, he went on to rant about YTP in ways a lot of people found hilarious. He was used as a source in many videos after the discovery of the video in early 2009, but very quickly fizzled out of the public imagination soon after.


Daedreamer87 was basically destroyed in a notable incident of YTP Hazing, being "chased off the face of the planet". His blog was for years nowhere to be found, nor was his Youtube account. The Hazing and consequent retreat of Daedreamer87 shows just how much power (and arguably, cruelty) the Youtube Poop Community had in its early years. He eventually came back on youtube although no longer does commentaries anymore. He was last seen doing a dramatic reading with his friends on skype.