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Capcom vs. SNK 2

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Basic info[edit]

There can be no other game like this in history; this is the only game when you have the choice of choosing any fighting. But this game isn't like the annoying Shit out there, it gives different methods of defense, attack, and power up. But it still focuses on which boss you will fight depending on your skill, ability, and use of groove(s) which are fighting styles of course. But it sucked a lot when it didn't come out for the dreamcast in America because PlayStation was beating its ass.


In 2001 our fellow rivals Kyo and Ryu are once again back for more ass kicking action! But this time, whoever wins will win One-Million dollars (pinky on the corner of the lip) so they can buy whatever they an want. But sadly, you have two shitheads that ruin everything once you were almost at the end. But don't worry! You can defeat in order to restore every thing back to normal but you won't get your million dollars because everyone was hurt in that incident.

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One-million dollars you say?


This game has a lot of these making it more comfortable for the player to play, so here they are now:

  • C-groove:This scheme is based on the first street fighter alpha using 3 super gauges, dash, level 2 super canceling, counter attack, tactical recovery and roll.
  • A-groove:This is a "Custom Combom" from street fighter alpha 2 and 3 using 2 super gauges, dash, safe fall, roll, counter attack and "Custom Combo" mode.
  • P-groove:This scheme is based on street fighter III using parries, dash, tactical recovery, hop, and super canceling.
  • S-groove:Based on the KoF'94 scheme using manual-gauge charging, unlimited supers at low health, run, evasion (dodge-roll), counterattack, tactical recovery, and hop.
  • N-groove:Based on the KoF'97 scheme using 3 supergauge stocks, MAX mode, run, roll, hop, safe fall, counterattack, and counter movement.
  • K-groove:Based on both Samurai Shodown and Garou: Mark of the Wolves scheme using a RAGE gauge, just defended (reverse parry), run, safe fall, and hop.
  • EX-1 and 2: it's a customization of any groove you want, it can only hold 2 of them.
  • (if you separate the first six grooves into two groups, you get CAP and SNK).


There is only a few bugs in the arcade version when some of the characters have a higher difficulty or the background is spazzing out because it's 3-D. One mistake is having some characters NOT re-sprited which is obviously Morrigan on the list including a few Capcom characters looking like the Alpha sprites.


This trailer.