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YouChew Festival 2010

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This forum has been around for a long time, and this year, we’d like to celebrate our anniversary with a shitload of events – not only events organized by the staff, but events organized by the userbase at large. We’ve grown a great deal since the days of Vanilla and Conrad’s administration, when sixteen users on at one time was a lot. We’ve grown to the point where we can have large scale community events. It is with these things in mind that we will organize the Festival. - Rabbitsnore


The YouChew festival 2010 was a 2 month long festivity of peace and love held by the users of the forum to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the forum. The festival was recieved well and the members enjoyed the stalls held by the users in the Festival Organisers group.


On Monday the 15th February 2010, Rabbitsnore publically announced to the forum through a Global Announcement that there would be a YouChew festival in honour of the forums 2nd year anniversary. [1] Members of the forum could send in applications and ideas for kiosks and stalls for the festival by Private Messaging the host account on the forum. Those accepted would then join the Festival Organisers usergroup and begin working on their stalls in the Festival subforum in the Site Peripherals.

Final Preparation[edit]

Final Preperation began on March the 16th, a month after the announcement. The Festival Organisers created the kiosks after approval on the public forum that was released to the public on 21st March.

List of Events[edit]

The End Of The Festival[edit]

The Youchew Festival officially ended on Saturday 8th May on a Global Announcement by Dopply [2] The ticket banner, however, mentioned that "The three-year YouChew anniversary is coming up (May 24th)!" so some assumed that a future event would be held in the coming month. Alas, this did not come to be.