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Very Uncensored Winnie the Pooh

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PoopsNice.jpg This article is about a notable YouTube Poop.


Very Uncensored Winnie the Pooh is a Youtube Poop made by Waldfield and originally uploaded possibly in either late 2008 or early 2009. It is one of a number of videos by Waldfield utilizing the Pooh Corner series, and also one of many videos by him with “Very Uncensored” in the title. It is considered by far to be his best and most well known video, and several lines from it have been often quoted on the Youchew forums and around the community. While it remains among the Waldfield videos to no longer be on his channel, the March 4, 2010 reupload has currently amassed around 105,000 views.


A video that expressly utilizes sentance mixing(a considerably remarkable feature, since the video was made in Windows Movie Maker, a notoriously unprecise editor) the video is a structured narrative documenting the tremendous sexual escapades that take place among the denziens of a very sparse looking Hundred Acre Wood. Piglet is shown swinging clumsily at butterflies with an oversized net until Pooh shows up behind. Seemingly startled by his sudden presence, Pooh immediate develops a carnal sexual desire for Piglet, but tries to apprach this nonchalantly, stating, “I...want to...touch you...”

Piglet at first recoils in horror, and tries to pretend that he is celibate, only for Pooh to remind him yet again that this is not the case. Piglet expresses that is an intimating subject, which leads Pooh suggesting to just cut to the chase(“Ooh let’s do it!”). He expresses a further desire to touch Piglet’s ass, which he subsequently corrects to “butt”, and then exclaims “shit” upon realizing his revealing of his urges live on the air of a children’s program(Whether or not he actually corrected himself to express a desire to touch Piglet’s shit is a mystery).

Piglet is initially in protest, but upon realizing he has little control over the situation, exclaims “shit” and follows Pooh, who asks Piglet to join him. Piglet admit that he isn’t very good at saying no, which provokes Pooh to let out an affectionate “honey~” towards him. Now clearly becoming comfortable, Piglet confides that “I’d feel safer inside you”. Pooh, who seemed to have briefly disassociated and completely forgot about the situation building up, reengages and quickly escorts Piglet to his house, which we then see fornicating rigorously in the side window, with Piglet desperately shouting out Pooh’s name with every thrust.

Tigger and Eeyore witness this from nearby, with the former, still clearly drunk from the night before, yells in their direction calling them “a bunch a’ dick holes”. Eeyore observes that either Pooh or Piglet looks like that they will inevitably kill their own parents, causing Tigger to fly into a rampage saying “‘funk’ you” to everyone he sees, even breaking the fourth wall to say it “all you kids out there”. Tigger is then seen next to his “little paleroo” Roo, whom he tells that time for him to take him home and”funk” him. Roo complains that he is too little, but Tigger explains that “you’re never too small to ‘funk’ Tigger if you know what to do...” Roo does not know where to start, but Tigger very plainly gives him a starting point, then initially suggests caution before immediately revealing he was pulling a fast one. They then engage in rough, rigorous and possibly painful anal sex, before being interrupted by Eeyore, whom Tigger decides can join them. Eeyore is initially enthusiastic, until Long Ears appears, warning that it might be a trick.

Long Ears reveals himself as simply wanting Tigger all to himself, offering him some dick and telling him to not ever say no. In an obvious attempt to deliberately piss off Long Ears, Tigger shouts out “No No Nope Roo!!” and proceeds to get ass-fucked by a clearly irritated Long Ears, looking longingly in Eeyore’s direction. Elsewhere, Owl awakens from a coma and remembers that Long Ears(or Rabbit, as he calls him) should not have sex with Tigger and therapon states his motto(accompanied by really bad Moog synthesizer music), “Rrrrrrabbit sucks dicks!” This implies that Tigger posesses other sets of genitals. Finally Pooh reappears, still behind a now clearly incapacitated Piglet, to sign off with “I certainly learned a lot, F-U-C-K!”


• ”Funk you Eeyore! Funk You Long Ears! Funk You Owl! Fucnk! Fulck! Fuck You Buddy! Fuck My Little Paleroo Roo! Fuck All You Kids Out There! Fuck Lotsa People!”

•”You can sunk my dick, biltch”

• “now scream! and kick, and bite and funk with all your might!