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The Hardy Boys

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Name: The Hardy Boys
Country of Origin: USA
Type of Source: Animated TV Series
Created By: Filmation
Year Created: 1969

First Poop: Simon Belmont Painting

The Hardy Boys is a 1969 Filmation Saturday morning cartoon that ran for 2 seasons on ABC. It is loosely connected to the immortal series of children's detective fiction books.


The history is a disputed one, and not one most people give a shit about.


The basic premise of the show had the Hardy boys and their friends as a rock band who solve mysteries in their spare time. Each episode had two 10-minute mysteries, and one music video of sorts of their latest song.


The show faded into obscurity due to being on at the same time as Scooby Doo, which was vastly superior in writing and animation. Most who remember it believe they were high or dreaming at the time, and most of the actors haven't been heard from since. Some committed suicide/had suicidal thoughts after watching the show. Several 45's and 2 33 RPM LP's have been made, and the songwriting is vastly superior to the cartoon itself.


There were no titles given for any episode of the show, so the episodes share their titles with the books.

  • 1. Footprints Under the Window*/Hunting for Hidden Gold* -- Love & Let Love
  • 2. Mystery of the Desert Giant/The Viking Symbol Symbol -- Feels So Good
  • 3. The Mystery of the Old Mill*/The Missing Chums* -- That's That
  • 4. Mystery on Cabin Island/The Hidden Harbor Mystery-- My Little Sweetpea
  • 5. The Secret of the Caves*/A Figure in Hiding -- unknown
  • 6. The Secret Warning/Secret of the Aztec Warrior -- unknown
  • 7. A Ghost on Skeleton's Rock/Mystery of Chinese Junk* -- unknown
  • 8. What Happened at Midnight/A Clue in the Embers* -- unknown
  • 9. The Screeching Owl/Yellow Feather Mystery-- unknown
  • 10. Mystery of the Devil's Paw*/The Haunted Fort* -- Carnival Time**
  • 11. A Sinister Signpost/The Secret of the Melted Coins -- unknown
  • 12. The Hooded Hawk Mystery*/Short Wave Mystery* -- Hello Girl
  • 13. The Shore Road Mystery*/ Sign of the Crooked Arrow*- One Time in a Million
  • 14. A Phantom Freighter*/Secret of the Pirate's Hill* -- unknown
  • 15. The House on the Cliff/ Mystery of the Spiral Bridge -- unknown
  • 16. The Mark on the Door/Flickering Torch Mystery -- unknown
  • 17. Mystery at Wildcat Swamp/ Mystery of the Broken Blade -- unknown

*Copies of the episode have been reported to exist.
**This episode has also been seen with the video for Wheels.


There has been no official VHS/DVD release of this show. 16mm reels of various episodes have been reported. Bootleg DVD's containing various episodes have been seen as well.

Main Source for Poopers[edit] He's only uploaded clips and a scene at the moment, but no full episodes yet.

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  • Simon Belmont Painting

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  • Simon Belmont Painting ("My Personal Private M.D.", 2011).