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Sunshine Barry & The Disco Worms

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Name: Sunshine Barry & The Disco Worms
Country of Origin: Denmark
Type of Source: Animated Movie
Year Created: 2008

First Poop: (tennis) kirby & disco worms dont mix


Sunshine Barry & the Disco Worms is a CGI kids film about a worm finding a disco record from the 70's & all of a sudden he becomes a disco person after putting the band back together


{{#ev:youtube|MXRdAz1xyBw|320}}hey look its on youtube

You don't necessarily need arms and legs to boogie with the best, as evidenced in this playful tale of an adventurous worm who strives to keep the insect world dancing to the funky sounds of classic disco. Barry is an optimistic invertebrate at the bottom of the food chain. Just when it starts to seem that Barry will wind up working a desk job at the local compost industry, his father gives him an old box of office supplies with a vintage disco record buried deep inside. From the moment those first notes hit his ears, Barry's body starts to move and he's completely hooked. This is his ticket to a more exciting life, and if he can assemble a band in time they may have a shot at winning the upcoming annual song contest. Just as Barry sets out in search of some talented musicians, however, the contest organizers inform him that worms are ineligible to compete. Undaunted, Barry continues his efforts to form a band that isn't afraid of the funk. Just as the band begins to get in the groove, tragedy strikes and they are scooped out of the ground and prepared to be sold as live bait. Now, with his band in a vending machine and his future as the king of disco on the line, Barry must summon the courage to keep boogie fever alive despite the fact that the odds are stacked overwhelmingly against him. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi


  • Peter Frodin - Bjarne
  • Trine Dyrholm - Gloria
  • Jane Lynch - Gloria (English Version)
  • Lars Hjortshoj - Niller
  • Troels Lyby - Jimmy
  • Birthe Neumann - Mor
  • David Bateson; Heather Carino; Tesz Millan; Frank Lenart; Jason Graae


Daniel Silwerfeldt - First Assistant Director, Tonni Zinick - First Assistant Director, Thomas Borch Nielsen - Director, Kirsten Skytte - Editor, Joerg Lemberg - Composer (Music Score), Nina Crone - Producer, Roar Skau Olsen - Sound/Sound Designer, Thomas Borch Nielsen - Screen Story, Morten Dragsted - Screen Story, Morten Dragsted - Screenwriter, Kim Hagen - Storyboard Supervisor

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