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Spongebob, Me Boy! Come into me Office!

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PoopsNice.jpg This article is about a notable YouTube Poop.


Spongebob, Me Boy! Come into me Office! is a Youtube Poop made by RetroJape in 2006, and is regarded as the first Spongebob YTP ever made. Due to the already massive popularity of the original cartoon, within a number of years the usage of the source in YTP would swell and expand beyond comprehension to the point where it would generate practically its own community, styles, and recieve enough attention bordering on the mainstream that it would even be mentioned numerous times in the official Spongebob Wiki. However, despite this video serving to be practically the genesis of this manic development it bears little to no connection to it at all. Very few people within that scope of Youtube Poop even know or care of this video's existance.

The video itself is comprised in actuality of very little footage of Spongebob himself, preferring to focus largely on Mr. Krabs and Squidward and largely using the Season 2 episode Squid on Strike, although the very beginning features an excerpt of Scardy Pants from the iconic brilliantly animated sequence of Mr. Krabs choking on an apple. SuperYoshi held ownership of this video after its deletion from RetroJape's account and later supplied it to Jack K. for it's reappearance on Youtube in December 2011.


  • "INTO THE"
  • "KKK?"