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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.


One day, in 2013, SnoopyTheFudge was getting ready for school and turned on his computer to check his email and his Skype. His friend Leon had sent him the link to DaThings1's "Wow! It's Made!". He watched the video and laughed his buttocks off. He subscribed to DaThings1 and talked to Leon that day at school about it. After that he started watching cartoonlover98 and Trudermark and EmporerLemon before he got very popular. He always stayed loyal to DaThings1 though, and he loved his Willy Wonka two part poop. He had a YouTube channel at the time but it was for videos he'd film with his friends. He had a few different poops he uploaded there, before he took all the poops off of their and put them on another channel while trying to clean up his main channel. He made a few more poops just for that channel but they got hardly any attention there. He was editing all of these in Windows Movie Maker by the way. Eventually he felt his poops needed a better home. So, he thought up "SnoopyTheFudge" and snagged the username and channel ID back in mid 2014 and since he didn't have any videos to upload yet he decided just to compile all of the videos he'd already made into one video called YTP - THE RANDOM POOP and uploaded that. He made poops for it here and there and went through a montage parody phase. He deleted all of those. He made his first poop for that channel in Vegas Platinum 11 and it is titled "YTP - JAJ THE DOD". The first video to get over a thousand views on this channel was made in early August 2014. It was titeld "YTP - Gumball & Darwin Get A Wonderfuf". He would post his videos on r/YTP and r/YouTubePoop whenever he made a new one and one day he saw a post that said something like "YOUCHEW BACK ONLINE!!!" in early 2015. In March or April of 2015 when he was looking for a way to get more involved in the poop community he thought of YouChew, and signed up there. He started joining and creating collabs and palying tennis with other poopers. His "Clarence Collab" did very well as it is his second most viewed video. His first most viewed video is his entry to his own collab (The Clarence Collab). This truly is when the channel began to gain popularity. He started gaining a few subscribers per day and continues to do moderately well. He has started a second Clarence Collab, most likely in hopes for it to have the success the first one did.

First poop seen[edit]

Wow! It's Made!


First poop made[edit]

YTP - Can Mordecai & Rigby Hit Margaret


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