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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

In Brief[edit]

J-Man (who runs the channel SneakiestChameleon) is a man of many small talents. A cartoonist, a programmer, an audio-splicer, and of course a YouTube pooper. Being the "complicated" guy he is, he dishes his content when he wants and doesn't have a schedule for either of these hobbies. He's a pretty chill guy unless you happen to be a piece of technology that doesn't do its job, like his computer.


The "SneakiestChameleon" account was created on July 19, 2012. It was first used to reupload his old Team Fortress 2 trolling videos from an earlier account called "TheFreakingJMan" after his family caught wind of them and deemed them unfitting for his "website". That site of course was supposed to sell some of his original t-shirt designs, but it tanked due to a lack of word-of-mouth and creative differences between him and his mother.

Moving on to his YTP side of things, he first really got into YouTube poops at some point between 2010-2012 when SantaWithTeeth was still uploading content. He wanted to make his own Spongebob poop because of him and another YTP video called "Krusty Krab Training Video Bootleg Edition". He tried fiddling with Windows Movie Maker and a few Spongebob episodes he found on the net because he initially couldn't afford his own copy of Sony Vegas. The mixture of his ideas from WMM was never successfully uploaded to YouTube due to draconian copyright reasons, and the clips were eventually lost.

On April 29, 2013, he made his first audio splice of the Team Fortress 2 characters. These audio splices known as smexuals were the first major sub-booster for his channel, and he kept getting better at audio-splicing until one faithful day when an old meme he heard of (Ghost) returned the next election year (2016). It was his time to use his skill on him. You can learn more about J-Man's trolling at his article on the True Capitalist Radio Wiki.

He did not officially make and upload a YTP until July 13, 2018, after a Spongebob smexual video idea he was doing at the time mutated into a YTP. However, he did produce a few memes before that.


J-Man does some similar methods to Waltman13 because he really enjoys his work, but he does his own flavor of touches into his own poops.

  • If he could do trippy 3D stuff he would, but he can't.
  • Every now and then, he would deface his own intro logo somehow.
  • Some of his trademark favorite sound effects include a sample of the Cat in the Hat saying "WOOMF", and Officer Barbrady saying "noony noony noo" whenever someone is walking around.
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J-Man before working at Wal-Mart.
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J-Man after working at Wal-Mart.
  • Because he trolls Ghost often, he adds references to True Capitalist Radio in some of his poops. Eventually he made enough of them to put them into a clip show and donate it to him, much to Ghost's chagrin.
  • One of his other go-to jokes is pointing out that he does a joke that was done before. Thankfully this isn't used like clockwork.
  • Sometimes there are callbacks to his earlier works, as is the case with "Green Eggs & Green Eggs & Green Eggs & Green Eggs & Green Eggs" which he made within a month after his other Green Eggs & Ham poop.
  • If he has to make subtitles for spliced sentences, he'll censor any bad words on it with rhymes.
  • He also likes to hide easter eggs into the background of his YouTube poops, sometimes adding a Spycrab, Weegee, Sylvester Molester McMonkey McSpanky, green eggs or steamed hams or something more alluring (but those require a REAL good eye). Sometimes he may vouch a URL to a bonus video if a hidden item is detected by his comment section.
  • He also slips the fair use disclaimer into a few frames at the end of most of his poops. The disclaimer also lists the soundtrack used in the video so he doesn't have to answer "what is this song at x:xx?".

Preferred Software[edit]

  • Sony Vegas Pro 14
  • Game Maker 8 Pro (for digital coloring of certain pieces of animation)
  • Windows Movie Maker (when a certain effect is needed)


  • Retro arcade games (like the ones at actual arcades) and other video games (Smash Ultimate, Team Fortress 2, Jackbox, etc.)
  • Radio Graffiti (when he's able to be involved in it)
  • Spongebob, Gravity Falls, Ed Edd n Eddy, Angry Video Game Nerd, Charmx, Simpleflips, Vinesauce
  • Shrimp-flavored chips, chicken, soda, thin crust pizza
  • Saying "WOOMF"


  • Lagging and crashing
  • Inconsistencies
  • Coffee
  • The fact that Vegas Pro 14 cannot find the "Andy" font unless [I'm] using Legacy Text.
  • The TF2 trading community


J-Man's poops are well-liked by his audience. In an April 2020 study, the like/dislike ratio of each poop (with at least 5k views) is above 95% with 250+ likes.


It's one thing for J-Man to be lazy but if he forgets to do something important, it may impact a project causing his fanbase to get angry.

  • He has lied about when his Dingo Pictures YTP Collab would be ready and got backlash for it, but has since made up for that by setting up a progress channel on his Discord server. He uploaded the original version of it, forgetting to add in several entries and credits. This led to a director's cut called "the I F'd Up Edition".
  • He once made an ARG to go with Isaiah's Treehouse of Horror Collab 2. It was a thrilling idea, but J-Man failed to make several spot-checks with his game causing players to get stuck on several of the questions and a non-functional "win the game" button, eventually deciding to share the prize raffle link with everyone.


Poop Listing[edit]

Other Information[edit]

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This is one of his old channel avatars, which also depicts Sneaky the Chameleon.

In the case that any of his YTP's are blocked or removed, he will re-distribute it thru his official Discord server.


  • SneakiestChameleon's mascot is a chameleon called Sneaky. J-Man would like to put it on the record that he isn't a furry, and that the channel name was first chosen randomly.
  • The crudely-drawn "hand-puppet" depiction of himself that he commonly uses in his poops (with that scowling face one called "puppetj3" in his files) originates from a commercial he made for a TF2 server called "Party Honcho's Kartland".