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Road Rovers

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Name: Road Rovers
Country of Origin: USA
Type of Source: Animated TV Series
Created By: Tom Ruegger
Year Created: 1996

First Poop: Simon Belmont Painting

A 1996 cartoon series on the WB Network that lasted one season before being cancelled. Reruns continued on Cartoon Network until 2001 (insert comment on how Cartoon Network has gone down the tubes since then here).


The show involved a team of human-esque dogs, or "Cano-Sapiens", who go around the world trying to thwart the evil General Parvo from total domination. The team was founded by The Master, also known as Professor Shepherd, who built a device known as "The Transdogmafier" that can give dogs a humanized form as well as various powers, and vice-versa. Just before testing the device on his own dog, Shepherd was attacked and nearly killed by Parvo after the Professor's assistant double crossed him. Parvo steals the plans and builds his own copy, the Cano-Mutator, which only lasts a short time before the dogs automatically revert back to their original form. When the dogs are not in Rover form, they live with the leaders of their respective countries.


Road Rovers

  • Hunter: An American Golden-Retriever who is the leader of the group. He is fun-loving and level-headed, which occasionally leads to danger for the team. His power is super-speed.
  • Colleen: A British Collie who usually does most of the ass-kicking, thanks to being well-versed in the martial arts.
  • Blitz: A German Dobermann who is extremely effeminate despite his muscular build. Has a fetish for ass-biting, and would be gay if not for the fact that he hits on Colleen all the time.
  • Exile: A canine version of Heavy Weapons Guy. Blitz also has heat/freeze vision.
  • Shag: A Swiss Sheepdog who, despite being a coward, possesses enormous strength. Unlike the other Rovers, he talks only in an incoherent mumbling which can only be understood by the other members. He also has a passion for cooking, albeit with unorthodox ingredients.
  • Muzzle: A Rottweiler who went insane after being tested for the Cano-Mutator. Therefore, he is often in a straightjacket, and his namesake muzzle. He is usually unleashed by the other members as a last resort to viciously attack their enemies.


  • Professor Shepherd: A scientist who somehow got the funds to create the Transdogmafier and test it. Went underground after Parvo's attack, and is the true head of the Rovers.
  • Bill Clinton: President of the U.S.A. at the time, and is the owner of Hunter. Spent most of the time on the phone or with interns.
  • Queen Elizabeth II: Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and is Colleen's owner. She adores and pampers Colleen.
  • Boris Yeltsin: President of Russia, and the owner of Exile.
  • Roman Herzog: President of Germany, and the owner of Blitz.
  • Jean-Pascal Delamuraz: President of Switzerland, and the owner of Shag.


  • General Parvo: Once a cat, he was adopted by Shepherd the night before Parvo's attack. He was turned into a human during a break-in at the labs, and promptly set out on a path of evil.
  • The Groomer: Parvo's assistant who has a lust for evildoing, and once became an independent evil-doer.
  • Zachary Storm: Once a military Captain, he was dishonorably-discharged, and wants to get back at the Military for it.


The show is a mix between Animaniacs and Batman: TAS. Despite having a continuous plot with a lot of action, the show was chock-full of gags, pop-culture references, and innuendo. Some bits were removed from air after their original broadcast due to being too racy for a children's show (see below).


In the season finale "A Day in the Life" (literally following a day in the life of the Rovers), while captured aboard an airship and being interrogated by an unknown man, the subject of Blitz's full name comes up. Then Colleen steps in and sings:


tl;dw: They sneak in "Son of a Bitch".

The use of ethnic stereotypes (effeminate Germans, strong and moody Russians, British people can't drive, etc.) was likely another factor in its cancellation.

First Used By

  • Simon Belmont Painting ("The Only Road Rovers Poop Anyone Has Ever Made")