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MrSimon idents

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A collection of indent's produced by mrSimon are commonly referred to as "mrSimons indents". These indents contain a logo separate from the YouChew logo and more reminiscent of the Youtube logo.

While they bear a higher production value than other indents produced by the Youtube Poop community, they have been criticized by the YouChew community for being overused by new poopers and boomers unaware of the Youtube Poop community and YouChew; hence the mrSimon indents were often considered a form of AIDS.


Where there's smoke, they pinch back[edit]

The first indent displays the Youtube logo, and then the word "Poop" landing ontop of it. Fat Mario from Hotel Mario appears. A voiceover says "Youtube Poop: Where there's smoke, they pinch back."

Simple splat[edit]

The second logo does not contain the slogan from the previous indent, and instead introduces a variant of the Youtube logo, where the red smoothed square has been replaced with a brown splat, with similar shading. The word "Poop" is underneath "You", in a slightly smaller, but identical font. The indent is about 0.3 seconds long, and was intended by mrSimon to be accompanied by a short clip beforehand.

Epic splat[edit]

The third logo displays a floating orb of shit. A pure white version of the splat logo then smacks against the orb, causing it to explode. The slogan from the first indent then zooms onscreen, however there is no voiceover.

Epic splat (YouChew variant)[edit]

The YouChew variant of the Epic splat replaces mrSimon's white Youtube Poop logo, with the YouchewPoop logo. The slogan zips on, instead reading "Because this logo's apparently way better."

Epic splat (Because Youtube is where the poop is)[edit]

In 2009, the splat was updated to replace the slogan "Where there's smoke, they pinch back" with "Because Youtube is where the poop is".

Epic splat (HD variant)[edit]

The HD variant presents the "Because Youtube is where the poop is" version rendered in 720p widescreen, with HD displayed next to mrSimons Youtube Poop logo.

Slick shit[edit]

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'Slick shit' ident

The 'slick shit' ident exists in concept art only. mrSimon intends to produce it once he's making poop again.