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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

In Brief

Finnish pooper, who started in february 2011. And he likes to use Rasvakeitinv23 sources, very, very much.


Somewhere in 2010, Megavill3 searched for what is found on YouTube, if you type "Rasvakeitin" on the search bar. What he found there was "Rasvakeitinv23", he didn't know what that was, so he wanted to see a one video what is was like.

Then he found Rasvakeitinv23 syö strutsinmunan and was quite weird video for him. Then he continued on watching other videos from related videos and almost got badly sucked to fanbase.

When he had found "Rasvakeitinv23" by pstycke, he was surprised to find a related video from it what was named as Sinätuubapaska which is like a Finnish version of youtube poop.

And yet again from related videos, he found a surprisingly great poop from Rasvakeitinv23, which was "SinäTuubaPaska - Hopeanuoli ottaa nopean suolihuuhtelun ja kuolee". That was when Rasvakeitinv23 got a very huge inspiration to try to make a poop with WMM.

First poop seen

SinäTuubaPaska - Hopeanuoli ottaa nopean suolihuuhtelun ja kuolee

First poop made

SinäTuubaPaska - Kolme plösöä ärsyyntyvät trololosta kuoliaaksi


  • Pinch Punch
  • Audio replace
  • Sentence mixing
  • sus jokes without reverse

Preferred Sources

Preferred Methods

Preferred Software

  • Sony Vegas Pro
  • WMM



  • being a stalker


  • Being a stalker of RASVAKEITINv23
  • Using sus jokes without reverse, but still managing to use reverse in the same video right after




Other Information


  • He is socially hated by many Finnish poopers