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May Kanker

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"What number do you dial for 911?!"

Name: May Kanker
Appears In: Ed, Edd n' Eddy
Sex: Female
Occupation(s): Full-time Kanker
Played By: Erin Fitzgerald, Jenn Forgie


May is the youngest of the three Kankers. She is in love with Ed; and, of course, he is afraid of her and the other two Kankers.

May is easily distinguishable from her sisters by her differences in her appearance. She has moderately long blonde hair, a larger nose and buck teeth. Her normal attire consists of a gray T-shirt, red shorts, red shoes with black soles, and yellow socks. Her nighttime wear is a light blue one-piece footed sleeper.

Her personality is one with some similarities to Ed, being very imaginative, gullible and naïve. Albeit, like her sisters, she will not be afraid to resort to physical violence in order to get her way. In fact, her general personality is similar enough to Ed's that she and Ed and the most fitting of the Kanker/Ed pairings.

May's voice, in comparison to her sisters' in vastly more nasally sounding. When May speaks up, her voice is often rather sharp, loud and piercing.


  • Ed
  • Engaging in her own fantasies
  • Chemistry


  • Her sisters
  • The other Eds
  • The other kids in the cul-de-sac