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Martin Arnold

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In Brief[edit]

Martin Arnold is a free-lance experimental filmmaker who is believed by some people to be the founding father of poop, not "YouTube" poop but the concept of poop in general. Martin Arnold Made his first film, "O.T.1" in 1985 and his second film, O.T.2 in 1986 on an Avid Digital Editing Machine. No remnants of these films exist on the internet. Martins 3rd film, "Pièce touchée", made in 1989, is his oldest film to be available on the internet. Of all of Martins films, his 1993 film, "Passage à l'acte" is his most famous film and is most popular in the Youtube poop scene for its resemblance to one. Martin Arnold was born in 1959 in Vienna, Austria and still lives and works there. Martin Arnold is a Member of Sixpack Film, a, experimental film distribution company in Austria whom Martin is one of the founders of. Martin attended The University of Vienna where he studied the history of art and psychology. Martin has taught film making at over 6 schools including The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Martin Arnold is still active but not recently. His most recent works are a series of Disney cartoons de animated and reanimated.

{{#ev:youtube|F9JJc7TEsZI|320}}Martins oldest video that exists on the internet as we know
{{#ev:youtube|LgqH3PK6-3Q|320}}One of Martins experimental films
{{#ev:youtube|EXxjtcd4-kw|320}}Martins most famous film
{{#ev:youtube|c86NRV5sMqY|320}}Martin Arnold talking about his film, "Shadow Cuts"
{{#ev:youtube|UZXDtor6gHw|320}}A tribute to Martin Arnold by Orpheusftw

Popular Films[edit]

  • pièce touchée
  • Alone. Life Wastes Andy Hardy
  • Passsage À L'Acte

Extra Stuff[edit]

  • Orpheusftw made a tribute video to Martin Arnold. Its similar to Passage À L'Acte but with Hank Hill
  • Martin Arnold talks about his film, "Shadow Cuts"
  • There's a good amount of Martin Arnold inspired videos on YouTube