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Laughing Panther

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Laughing Panther laughing at the people who actually bought his game.

Laughing Panther (1959-1985) was an underling of the lion king from the video game Animal Soccer World. He liked to smoke marijuana, play soccer against dogs, and share jokes with his friends.


  • He had extraordinary soccer talent and would have liked to become a professional player, but his uncontrollable laughter made him collpase whenever he tried to goal.
  • Held the record for most marijuana smoked at once (512 sacks) from 1975 to 1983, until King Dedede broke the record with one more sack. Due to the high amount of drugs, his brain was permanently and severely damaged as a result of a severe overdose, which is why he is always laughing.


On October 21, 1985, Laughing Panther died from his brain damage, which had worsened still due to dangerously high doses of Magic Drugs used daily. Eventually, his Medulla Oblongata became so damaged by the drugs that it just died, causing his heart to stop.