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Kevin James

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Kevin James - the man who turns his khakis into chef hats.

Name: Kevin James
Appears In: Zookeeper
Sex: Male
Nationality: American
Occupation(s): Actor, comedian, zookeeper

Who is the star of Zookeeper? *whoosh* Kevin James! Though the actor and comedian has featured in a number of mediocre films, it would be Zookeeper that saw him whoosh into the pantheon of YouChew cult heroes. The film itself would've been completely forgotten were it not for the ZookeeperLoops YouTube channel, which, as one would expect, loops select snippets of the film for five minutes. The ZookeeperLoops channel itself is only remembered by former YouChew forumgoers, essentially making the group the only people in the world who remember Zookeeper at all.

These videos give us an in-depth look at James's zookeeping life and the clumsy slapstick that entails, where he is accompanied by buddies such as a TGI Fridays-loving gorilla, a bear who has low standards as to what makes a good roar, and a ballooning frog. We also learn that James is an amateur restaurant critic ("It's pretty good", goes his review for TGI Fridays) and a strong but repetitive martial artist (as all he does is kicking).

To this day, the "her" the whole club was looking at remains a mystery. Shut up!

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