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Kantai Collection

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Kantai Collection logo.png

Name: Kantai Collection
Country of Origin: Japan
Type of Source: Video Game
Created By: Kadokawa Games
Year Created: 2013

Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 12

First Poop: Unknown


Kantai Collection is a Japanese free-to-play web browser game that has developed into a much larger media franchise including manga, anime, light novels, and a tabletop role-playing game. The original game focuses on Gameplay rather than an actual story. Because of this there isn't a specific canon for the franchise to abide to but at the same time this allows for more artistic freedom in terms of how the various characters are depicted in both official and unofficial works related to it in the same vain as the various secondary works for Touhou Project.

Video Games[edit]

  • KanColle - The original game which is centered on building squadrons made up of anthropomorphized World War II-era battleships that are represented by cards with various attributes before sending them out on missions. The player takes the role of a fleet admiral who organizes the fleets, sends them out to battle, and a few micromanagement activities such as building and repairing ships. In battles, the player often progresses through several maps, gaining experience with gratuitous amounts of grinding, and obtaining new shipgirls, equipment, and resources by fulfilling quests. Although it should be noted that acquiring all of those things is heavily reliant on randomization so pray to the Random-Number Gods to grant their favor. However, much like any free-to-play game you can always make micro-transactions and/or use pre-paid game money. Unfortunately, for everyone else it is not available to audiences outside of Japan due to IP restrictions.
  • KanColle Kai - A singleplayer turn-based strategy game for Playstation Vita, this is pretty much the same game but with a overhauled interface and new features including hexagonal world maps, a resource transfer system, player-selected difficulty settings, enemy counter-attacks, control over eight fleets rather than four like in the original game, the ability to control two fleets simultaneously in-game, and Live2D character animations in the menu screens. Unfortunately, physical and/or digital copies ceased to be sold following January 2017. God damn it, Japan.
  • KanColle Arcade - A trading card arcade game developed by SEGA AM2 that is pretty similar to the previous games but also involves players actually taking control of the direction and speed of the shipgirls which are depicted with fully modeled 3D characters.


  • Kantai Collection: KanColle - A 2015 Japanese Anime Television series that is an adaptation of the game that features the destroyer Fubuki as the protagonist and a storyline from her point-of-view. It is used more as a source than the games.
  • KanColle: The Movie - Taking place after Episode 3 of the anime and then everything goes down hill from there.


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