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It Is Written

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"It is written" is the famous phrase said by Gwonam when ever he pulls out his strange paper with random markings on it which is assumed to be "writing". He believes that whatever he is talking about is written there. However, he tends to change what exactly is written depending on the situation. He has a ring that he only wears when reading this paper, perhaps a decoder ring to make out what the bloody hell it's saying. Or maybe he's wearing it to piss you off.

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Gwonam reading his strange paper.

The Paper[edit]

The paper is not only what is written, but it can also turns into a map. It can also turn into a menu and will magically change depending on what's available.

Used In Context[edit]

The correct way of using it is written follows the bases of a simply format.

It is written "Only [X] can defeat/do whatever you want to [Y]."

It is occasionally read correctly.

It is written "Squiggle Squiggle Squiggle Little Fish Squiggle Squiggle."

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