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Home Movies

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MediaNice.jpg This article is about a Media Source, which is remixed to create a YouTube Poop.

Home Movies is an animated series created by Brendon Small and some other bitch that we don't know of. It originally aired on UPN, but then Cartoon Network picked it up after it got canceled and prolonged the series for 3 more years. The main plot of the show is Brendon Small, (named after the creator apparently) and his friends Melissa and Robbins Jason Penopolis make humorous videos about random stuff. Eventually, by the end episode, they realize the movies suck and they stop making them. This is confirmed when Brendon throws his camera out the window. He forgets about it when Coach McGuirk and his mother talk about fast food, though.

What makes this series notable is it's wittiness. It uses a sarcastic wit for humor, and it works very well. What makes the show poopable is how the wit is put into effect. While it seems rather tame and somewhat bland, despite it's wit, it's actually very poopable. You just have to utilize it's wit well enough to pull out good material from it.

Reception At Youchew[edit]

Although it's well-liked by Youchew, several people used to dislike it because zacheatscrackers created a meme related to the show named Lynch, in which he takes an image of McGirk with a snarky look on his face and puts the word "Lynch" on it. At first, people did not really mind it, but it eventually caused an extreme problem. It was spammed in the form of image chains, it became very unfunny and unsettling to look at, and it generally raised some pretty fucking serious hell at Youchew. Because of this, many people were turned off from the series. But when the meme died, Home Movies' popularity returned to normal.

Currently, it's well-liked it, but people still grimly remember Lynch.


  • Brendon Small
  • Melissa
  • Jason
  • Mr. Lynch
  • Coach McGuirk

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