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Foghorn Leghorn

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Name: Foghorn Leghorn
Appears In: Looney Tunes
Sex: Male
Played By: Mel Blanc, Jeff Bergman, others

Now, I say, I say boy, you all ought to know who Foghorn Leghorn is. He's that hilarious loudmouth rooster off of Looney Tunes, boy. I say, I say, he became an injoke on them ol' YouChew forums due to a slip of the tongue of one of them members on it.

On YouChew[edit]

Now, I say, he had some fans on ol' YouChew there, son. One of 'em was AGSMAentretainment, who didn't have the sharpest of English his first couple years on the site. Some time ago, I say, I say he had an avatar of Foghorn. And I can't blame him for wanting to use such a mighty fine face. One time there, son, in a thread about some crappy CGI wolf movie only MASTERFURRYX liked, ol' AGSMA here proclaimed a phrase that'd make ol' Foghorn himself proud: "Is unfortunate that people become as they are today." The way that quote sounded like it came straight from the mouth of Foghorn weren't lost on Whelt, boy, who proceeded to make that ol' image macro you see over there to the right.

The display of Foghorn's misfortune became, I say it became the star moment of the thread. I say now, it was a proud moment for the site that saw Foghorn practically enshrined as AGSMA's mascot right there. Foghorn's ol' face became a synonym there for "unfortunate", son.


  • Now, I say, that image macro weren't completely right, boy, as the original AGSMA quote did not have an "it" at the beginning.

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