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Family Man

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Name: Family Man
Country of Origin: USA
Type of Source: Animated TV show
Created By: Sath McFarland
Year Created: Nineteen Hundred Eighties

Family Man is an animated sitcom created by the undeniably talented Sath McFarland. It was ripped off years after its creation by Seth MacFarlane when he made Family Guy. It has great jokes and it makes fun of Republicans.


How can you describe Family Man? It is the world's funniest, most clever and thought provoking show in existence. It has such fluid and breathtaking animation. There is a wide cast of colorful characters and all of them with distinct personalities that make them feel real. The plots are unique and timeless and have a lot of jokes that take us back to all of the greatness of the nineteen hundred eighties and seventies with all their greatness. This is all thanks to the incredible writing genius of, Sath McFarland.


The main, liberal protagonist, Family Man.‎
  • Family Man - The main protagonist of the series, whose nickname is Peter. He is retarded, a liberal, and wants to become an actor.
  • Louise - Family Man's wife, who is often annoyed by her husband's retarded shenanigans. She has very attractive finger nails.
  • Liberal Dawg - Basically, he's exactly the same as Sath except, oh yeah, he is a dog.
  • Craig - Family Man's son. He's just as retarded as his dad.
  • Family Girl - Family Man's daughter. Everyone strongly dislikes her.
  • The Baby - A gay, evil, British Republican baby. He is one of The Family Man's male offspring.
  • Ohio Blackie - The token minority who recently got his own spin-off series called "The Ohio Blackie Show".
  • Quicksand - The sex pervert. He fantasizes about Louise's naked body.
  • Schmoe Johnson - A police officer who is handicapped and often seen in a wheelchair.
  • Gort Molder - A Jewish man. He is always looking for money because he is a conservative.
  • Douglas - A conservative, gay alien. Though not in Family Man, he is still created by Sath.



There are hundreds of wonderful Family Man episodes but they are not allowed on the Internet because of XOF's evil copyright right laws. Fortunately there are some web-exclusive episodes and clips of Family Man for your viewing pleasure.

Quicksand's Betrayal - Part 1
Quicksand's Betrayal Part II: Unite! Louise and Family Man's Bond!
Family Man Speaking Spanish
Badly Animated People Talk About Things and Move Their Hands
Family Man Making Fun of KittFrog
Be Cautious Of What You Dolphin For

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  • Did you know that Sath McFarland does literally everything on the show? It just shows how much talent he has.

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