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El Gran Collab Del Galope

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PoopsNice.jpg This article is about a notable YouTube Poop.
{{#ev:youtube|b8hAItQfhWk|320}}The first collab (Dec. 2011)

Since 2011, after of The Grand Galloping Collab, a pooper called Tansoloyo007, organizated this collab with other hispano-poopers including Sandovart, that participated in the english-collab, that this is the spanish-adaptation and both, Sandovart and Tansoloyo007, from Chile with various poopers from Spain, Mexico, South America and probably from Brazil made this participation.

El gran collab del Galope I[edit]

The collab was uploaded and published by LazonaTSY007 on December 23rd, 2011. (Before Christmas) The collab was about 26 minutes long.



  1. Tansoloyo007 (Chile)
  2. Sandovart (Chile)
  3. Locosaurio1 (Spain)
  4. Fbigpilllin
  5. Tecraudio (Brazilian user)
  6. EzenecoTV (Argentina)
  7. MegaSupertacoman (Spain)
  8. Phineassprouse2
  9. MrUmasama
  10. OrbisDerideo (Mexico)
  11. wecatohispano
  12. Starsonic100
  13. donparodion38
  14. POOPdraw (Peru?)
  15. LuiSuperX
  16. thepooperism
  17. jeferasta45 (jeferastareborn)(Mexico)
  18. Cristhop3rAlt
  19. Julionx100 (Silentsadness)
  20. kenixan2 (Brazilian user)

El Gran Collab Del Galope II (Recargado)[edit]

The second collab was organizated by Tansoloyo007 and Leonardo Mercado Pérez. The second collab was originally deleted by Youtube for copyright. However, CORREO1231 recovered it and uploaded it on Dailymotion in his account on November 11, 2013.

{{#ev:youtube|B5kIixiAgzM|320}}The second collab (Nov.2013)



  1. Tansoloyo007 (Chile)
  2. macuvexthepoop (Venezuela)
  3. berseker0x (Peru)
  4. starsonic100
  5. umasama
  6. Thebeastofpoop
  7. locosaurio1 (Spain)
  8. alan13972
  9. leonardomercadoperez
  10. fluttershypoop
  11. megasupertacoman (Spain)
  12. pipelsi2315
  13. loqpooper2000
  14. rrg5699
  15. slenderpony

El Gran Collab Del Galope III[edit]

The third collab is currently being organized by Tansoloyo007 and will be uploaded in June 2014. The rules are that episodes from second and third season must be used. As a special rule, each poop must have a final scene of the final episode from third season (Magical-Mystery cure).

{{#ev:youtube|saEYHbNqv6Y|320}}YTPH-Collab Notice (Jun.2014)


  1. Tansoloyo007 (Chile)
  2. Marcelo Canario (Peru)
  3. MacuvexthePoop (Venezuela)
  4. Chirotorn Brony
  5. darkerXTV (Peru)
  6. DarkSOSFULL
  7. Galard07 (Mexico)
  8. Fanchh HD (Argentina)
  9. Starsonic100
  10. Curio Sam Mente
  11. DXSonegaXD こんにちは
  12. yugger z
  13. pipelsj2315
  14. MetaChl (Chile)
  15. ~MrsMVman~
  16. fbig Pilllin
  17. MegaSupertacoman-YT (Spain)
  18. L-2UX_70 (Peru)