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Country Bears

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Animatronic things are often quite unnerving for they suggest life when no life exists. The sheer cost to make and mechanics involved makes them quite a rare occurrence, therefore often confining them to films and high budget TV (the lower the budget the increased probability that a human operated puppet be used (see Lazy Town). So their seemingly magical existence makes them suitable for childrens entertainment, and therefore perfect for recontextulisation as representing alien menance (anal probes etc) and other modern life horror of a deeply disturbing kind.

Media Infomation[edit]

Home Movie footage of a disney world stage show.

The fact that these bears are seen from the point of view of an eye witness, with all the quirks of home movie photographic style makes these bears seem as if trained and tortured to appeal in public not unlike Victorian freak shows. (see Elephant Man. The human race memory of bears being extremely dangerous makes their appearance, degraded and dressed like humans doubly perverted as one must not forget that this is a childrens show and therefore 'made safe' by the grown ups.

They also bear a strange resemblance to the bear who sing for Duke Philips on The Critic


With emphasis given to those seen in Youtube Poops

  • animatroinc talking and bears dressed in human clothing

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[JESmith (Unlisted Pooper) Mario Gets Shot by the Country Bears(Part 1) (Pictured right)

23 September 2007

Further information[edit]

I quick search for Country Bears on youtube reveals that there is plenty of footage to choose from, and given that the show very perform is exactly the same would would be possible to create a multi camera edit of the show which footage taken perhaps months apart.

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