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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

In Brief[edit]

ChoujiMan, while not well-known, has created many well-received poops. He prefers sentence mixing to other styles. Some of his poops include strange but funny images made on AppleWorks.

His first three poops submitted were intended to be part of a much longer video but his college life prevented him from doing so. Therefore, many of his poops are short, one minute gags. His other videos, hi-lighting his CAW roster, are typically much longer.


  • ChoujiMan first started watching YouTube Poop in 2007. He originally hated it but it grew on him. Eventually, he became interested in making his own videos and in 2009 he uploaded his first YouTube Poop.
  • He is heavily influenced by Waldfield.

First Poop Seen[edit]

First Poop Made[edit]

{{#ev:youtube|rzK37lgBXUg|320}}Yes or No? is a short poop made by ChoujiMan.
  • His first poop was Link swings that way. He doesn't like this poop because it reflects his then-limited sentence mixing skills.

Most popular poop[edit]

  • While not technically a poop in the traditional sense, Gwonam plays Saints Row 2 is his most popular video and will (more than likely) be his first to reach 10,000 views. He has expressed interest in making a Mayor Kravindish plays Saints Row 2 with BigBowsa402


Video Title Uploaded Time
YouTube Poop: Link swings that way 4-04-09 0:25
YouTube Poop: Mario shuts off the toaster grid 4-06-09 0:54
YouTube Poop: Link has SARS 4-06-09 0:04
YouTube Poop: Yes or No? 4-10-09 0:28
It's a B-Movie 4-14-09 3:05
Gwonam plays Saints Row 2 4-19-09 9:37
Morshu gives Link an atomic bomb 5-18-09 0:26
Luigi argues his case 9-06-09 1:13


Video Title Uploaded Time
Air Conditioner Scene YTP Style 1-07-10 3:46
Ganon fails to recruit Sarah Palin. 5-26-10 0:29


Video Title Uploaded Time
Twilight Sparkle Goes Super Saiyan 4-06-11 0:18
Legend of Zelda: Faces of Friendship 4-07-11 1:03


Preferred Sources[edit]


  • All of his videos have a decent level of likes.



  • ChoujiMan has associates?



  • fundumbentals
  • MrFool59


  • Despite his name, he is not a Naruto fan.
  • He is also a CAW maker. His King Harkinian CAW can be viewed here.
  • He is also a Nintendo fan and casual smasher. His favorite Nintendo character is Wario.
  • His avatar is a picture of a texture hacked Wario with black overalls. The full image can be found on Google.
  • ChoujiMan is a huge fan of The Brave Little Toaster. His second most popular poop, It's a B-Movie, reflects that.