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Casual World of Warcraft Players[edit]

  • Yoshit: How exactly would you know that casual World of Warcraft players over 30 would look like that? And don't say that you saw the commercials like Mr. T and Ozzy Osbourne. - Crazy Luigi
  • My point is that hardcore WoW players that just sit around and play it all day are most likely fat and sloppy. Casual gamers, who will be people like 40-year-olds with teenagers that are practically independent and have important white-collar jobs (and play World of Warcraft an hour a day) will not look like the hardcore gamers. -Yoshit
  • TheMarxer: Were you refrencing the casual gamers or the hardcore ones. If casual, then that wouldn't make sense. If hardcore, then I can see it making sense. Also, you didn't explain to me how exactly Super Smash Bros. Brawl ruined the hardcore gaming audience. - Crazy Luigi
  • @ Crazy Luigi: I was referencing WoW gamers specifically. It kind of goes to a hardcore gamer, but being a hardcore gamer doesn't necessarily mean you don't go outside, or in fact, that goes to a WoW gamer too. Technically, I was wrong about them being slim and I can't say they are fat since it depends on the gamer behind the controller/keyboard and how much they exercise.
    • Now About the SSBB thing... It was overrated and over hyped. A lot of people play it today and won't move away from it. If this wasn't enough to protect my statement saying the SSBB ruined gamers' mind, then it should be deleted from the gamers article. - TheMarxer
      • Okay, I just wanted to know from your stance. I personally haven't played it in a loooooooong while myself (I'm currently playing New Super Mario Bros. Wii btw), but I sort of couldn't thing of a good reason as to why it's like that. Either way, I still understand it being a little bit overhyped, especially when it came to the Internet connection. I mean, when I first saw how Nintendo advertised online for Tokyo Vs. Kyoto or something like that, it was about as smooth as most of the other online games that came about. But when the final thing came for us, it felt like a huge pile of shit. Psst, here's a hint Nintendo; next time you advertise a fighting game, or any game in general, advertise it's Internet connection in many other various ways instead of just playing it safe by just doing two cities or states that are near each other!!! - Crazy Luigi