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Bonus Stage

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Elly, Phil, and Joel allow you to gaze upon their lack of success. Now with 40% more ceiling holes.

Bonus Stage is a webtoon series created by Matt Wilson. It ran for 89 episodes over the duration of a few years until the creator decided to cancel it, giving it the alternate title of The Cancelled Show. Matt Wilson describes the series as "A cartoon about jerks."


An inventor by the name of Joel Dawson created a virtual world where he and , Phil Argus, reside with their many friends and foes. They get into all kinds of random and wacky adventures. They take the show from their humble small town to outer space, a water planet, and more through out the series. There is all kinds of standard plot things, like a love triangle, villians, stupidity, deception, fan service, and more. It's very hard to talk about plot when it comes to this cartoon. Figure it out yourself.


  • Joel Dawson - Crazy ass inventor who references everything. He weilds a baseball bat, but rarely has arms.
  • Phil Argus - The voice of reason who is often as crazy as others. He has no butt and is unloved.
  • Elly - Loved by Phil, who loves Elly, but she loves Joel, who loves no one. She is a bitch.
  • Rya - A robot girl. She dies.
  • June - Joel's non-robotic girlfriend who's existance is often forgotten by Joel.
  • Craig - A slow-talking wise man. He is most active when shopping.
  • Cassidy - Goes to an underwater college. She likes Phil. Oh, and she is the cloaked figure.
  • Evil - A black blob of evil. It wears glasses and has a lair. HOPE YOU DON'T MIND IF IT J0INS THE PARTY.
  • Stomache King - A very very very fat man with money. He cramps easily.
  • Kokor - A robot thing which wants something that can destroy the universe or something.
  • Andrew - Some jerk. He is wonderful.
  • Big Fat Guy - He's big fat guy.

Final Episode[edit]

While there was plans of a final season to take the series to it's intended end at a 100th episode, Matt Wilson was not willing to go through with it. The final episode was created from the remains of animatics and voice clips gathered from when someone promised to pay hundreds of dollars to see a final season. Such money never existed, thus cancelling the season, but Matt Wilson used what he had to create a "Lost Episode." It was originally only viewable (with special features) if you paid him a dollar, but realizing that people aren't paying a dollar for entertainment anymore, he made it viewable for free many months later.


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