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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

In brief[edit]

BoiSuxx, normally known as LieutenantBoi or NoBoiSux, is a late 2009 youtube pooper who joined the community and got a simple fresh start. At first, he was considered shy and not much of a talker. But after getting to know the forums a little more, he ended up becoming one witht he community. Has made quite a lot of videos, hopefully nonstop.

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I'm obviously a pedophile.

Also Boi sux.


The first time I heard of Youtube Poop was when my brother and I were watching simple Ed Edd n Eddy censored versions. We came across a video titled "Youtube Poop: MY FOOT!!!!!", we checked it out for a while. We thought it was funny. We continued watching more and more Ed Edd n Eddy poops. Later on we thought of making our own Youtube Poops using Windows Movie Maker. Sadly, they were horrible and unwatchable. We then came across other sources for YTP's such as CD-i Hotel Mario and Link Faces of Evil. Immediately we looked up "youtube poop" on Youtube and came across hundreds of other videos. My brother slowly died off of this stuff and eventually stopped watching it.

As I continued watching this, I realized that there was different styles to Youtube Poop such as adding effects and less jokes. Eventually I became an average fan of WalrusGuy and Deepercutt etc. I then realized this simple countdown video called "Top Ten Monthly Moments Youtube Poop" They all seemed very descent videos. I realized that some of the videos had clusterfuck and jokes in them. I checked the profile of one of the videos. His name was Domorato. I would continually watch his videos with amazing sentence mixing over and over. Several months later,he closed his account and deleted all of his videos. I went on a desperate search for his videos.

Month after month I would watch new videos. And then I heard of the site called YouChewPoop. I was thinking about joining due to my high interest in video editing. Before I could join the community, I had to be prepared with some videos and a good name. My original name was Mirax, but with the power of YTP, I changed it to LieutenantBoi.

After making a couple of videos, I uploaded them and joined the forums.

First poop seen[edit]

Youtube Poop: MY FOOT!!!!!!! [1]

First poop made[edit]



Whatever the kids are into these days...

Preferred Sources[edit]

  • New videos.
  • Overated Youtube Poops
  • Something Japanese if you can.

Preferred Methods[edit]

  • Originality
  • Effort
  • Nothing to long or to short.

Preferred Software[edit]

Windows Movie Maker Sony Vegas 9 Sony Vegas 5


Dum stuff.


Dum shit.


Dum poo.


Dum dung.


Mainly to become a popular guy when it comes to Youtube Poop.

In Real Life[edit]

I have met DocterEggman and have many other friends.


Making a list soon.


Hm, maybe soon.

Other Information[edit]


Dum Website DUMDUMDUM*[2]