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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

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My most used image. Also used as a smiley

In brief[edit]

Started Pooping 29 July 2008. Admin of PoopTube, a video uploading site dedicated to poops. Died 17th September 2009. Resurrected 1st February 2010


"I started to get into YT Pooping when I watched one, I think it was The Delicious Patty! (not currently on youtube) by Kortez3000 (banned and is now SantaWithTeeth). I didn't know what a YTP was until I typed it in Google and found it in Urban Dictionary. I made one, it wasn't the best, but I felt like it was good enough to be a YTP."

First poop seen[edit]

"I think it might of been The Delicious Patty!"

First poop made[edit]

Mario and Luigi-Football/Stone


Bkbusters died on 17th September 2009. It was said that the channel will stay up but never will be logged into again.


Bkbusters returned to poop after 5 months of inactivity on 1st February 2010. He is continuing to make poops.


Preferred Sources[edit]

  • Spongebob
  • AoStH
  • CD-i
  • SMW cartoon

Preferred Methods[edit]

  • Word Trim
  • Stutter Loop

Prefered Tech[edit]

WMM. After a while, then got Sony Vegas Pro 8.0. He now uses Pro 9.0.



I'm probably the first person to make Squidward say anal. See Mr. Krabs makes a CD-i.


At the start of his career, he was criticized for using too many memes.


Poop Listing[edit]

  • Mario and Luigi-Football/Stone
  • Yoshi is scared of anything!
  • Mario thinks Luigi is gay!
  • WeeGee (Hard to find. Click Here.)
  • Football (Hard to find. Click Here.)
  • YTPMV: Pingas Center DS 2
  • Mr. Krabs Makes A CD-i
  • Squidward Plays Snowball Fights Part 1
  • Squidward Plays Snowball Fights Part 2
  • Holy Squidward (Hard to find. Click Here.)
  • Patrick forgot to get a sex change
  • The Night WeeGee Stole Christmas
  • YTPMV: Mario Favors The Banjo-Kazooie Series
  • YTP: I dare you to watch all of this video!
  • YTPMV: Dear Pesky Plumbers Feat. The King
  • YTP: Sonic gets Rick Roll'd
  • YTP: AVGN Thinks Konami Should Die!
  • Dinner Land
  • NC Summons WeeGee
  • NC Randomness
  • Someone does the Hotel Mario (crap poop)
  • iWeeGee (will be re-uploaded soon)
  • iWeeGee Short ad
  • 0_o
  • iWeeGee Europe Ad (Widescreen)
  • Sonic B Ep 1
  • This video will be fucked by Robotnik's PINGAS
  • Dr. Robotnik The Game Gameplay
  • Robotnik Seriously is the fastest thing ever!
  • RE RE RE RE Metal Gear Awesome is not on Youtube
  • YouTube Poop TV
  • 'How we gonna?' My version
  • Squidward plays snowball fights 2
  • Link buys a home cinema
  • Robotnik gets out of life
  • 'Tommorow I'll' gets the bkbusters effect
  • YTPMV: I hate that hedgehog - I.V.O.
  • RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Metal Gear Awesome is not on youtube
  • Mario's Pervamentals

Super Dinner Galaxy[edit]

  • YTPMV: Super Dinner Galaxy Title Music
  • YTPMV: Super Dinner Galaxy Music 2: Spaghetti Galaxy

YTP Movies[edit]

This section is for all my YTP Movies and trailers.

I.M.Meen The Movie[edit]

Announced on the 4th July 2009, bkbusters will make a feature length 'poop film' about I.M.Meen. There is not much information about this yet.

Other Information[edit]

Best YTP so far[edit]

Dr. Robotnik The Game Gameplay


Other Links[edit]