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In Brief[edit]

BigBowsa is a popular Youtube Pooper, known among his fans for his sentence mixing skills and his videos like  "M & L Cruisin' For Drugs" and "Mario Attempts A False Cheat Code". His first poop, uploaded May 18, 2009, was "Spy Watches Furry" and he has been making smooth progress since.


BigBowsa started pooping in May of 2009, where he did little video editing and instead focused on sentence mixing. Since then, he has become more aware of the importance of visual effects in poops, and has more recently been using a lot of editing with backgrounds and masking, while splicing very intensely instead of just plain mixing. He was also driven to open up an alt account so he could make poops with ear rape and to take part in poop tennis, without angering some of the people who subbed to him because of his fluent sentence mixing. In April 2010, BigBowsa announced that he was going to stop making sentence mixing poops with plots and sex jokes, saying that "they just aren't fun anymore," and then closed BigBowsa402 sometime in August 2010, though he will be continuing to post videos on his account BigBowsaALT such as tennis matches and his "ear rape videos."


Preferred Sources[edit]

Preferred Tech[edit]

Sony Vegas Pro 9.0




BigBowsa is one of the few CD-i sentence mixing poopers who refrains from old memes and is popular amongst some people because of it, and his sentence mixing is held in high regard.


BigBowsa is often criticized for his overuse of CD-i and how sometimes his sentence mixing is very hard to understand. He also tends to take a long time to finish a video/series (M&L Cruisin' For Drugs was never finished). BigBowsa has declared on his Main account though, that M&L Cruisin' For Drugs 3 will possibly be his last sentence mixing plot poop (in which he didn't finish and closed his main account), which had some sentence mixing fans angry. At first, he also did very little visual effects.


  • 500 subs on his active account.