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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

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In brief[edit]


Ardebitis (Pronounced Are-Day-Bih-Tis) has recently become a YouTube Pooper, made 2 unsuccessful poops, went on a 2-month hiatus, and returned with a decent poop. His best-received Poop was "#71519 has a Robotic Japanese Schoolgirl Wife"


Ardebitis first was introduced to YouTube Poops by watching videos by Kajetokun. Since then, he has seen many a poop, and is attempting to discover the secret to making funny youtube poops.

First poop seen[edit]

"GUTSMAN'S ASS" by Kajetokun

First poop made[edit]


YouTube Poops[edit]

THIS CITY CONTAINS NIGHTMARE: Ardebitis's first poop, it involved the computer-generated, furfag-controlled Nightmare City

Savior Cat-Botnik: Believed by most to be Ardebitis's worst poop, it merely involved putting Robotnik's face over every character in a video, and nothing else. Ardebitis claims that this was only for training purposes.

#71519 has a Robotic Japanese Schoolgirl Wife: After a two-month hiatus, Ardebitis returned with #71519 has a Robotic Japanese Schoolgirl Wife, a video revealing The Sniper's parents to be Hatsune Miku and 71519. This YouTube Poop has been better-received than both of his other poops combined.

This City Contains Nightmare 2: Ne: Made less than 24 hours after his previous poop, This City Contains Nightmare 2: Ne: is easily his shortest poop, at 31 seconds long, and merely involves turning crayons into lightsabers and blowing up Nightmare City. While this poop is still better than his first two, it only beats them by a little.


Prefers to see Youtube Poop as a form of comedy rather than an abomination of garbled visuals and ear rape.

Preferred Sources[edit]

Preferred Methods[edit]

  • Face-Stapling
  • Clever grouping of clips

Prefered Tech[edit]

Sony Vegas


  • Ear Rape
  • Extreme Slow-Mo
  • CD-I


Most of Ardebitis's poops have been at the "Eh" level of neither very good nor very bad.


  • Many beleive Ardebitis needs to edit more of the visuals.
  • Ardebitis admits to making his videos far too short.


  • Made a poop of something never pooped before (Nightmare City)


  • Deepercutt
  • Walrusguy
  • Kajetokun
  • Nigthmare City


Other Information[edit]

"Ardebitis" is a Latin word which roughly translates to "You people will be on fire"


  • Ardebitis is Autistic.
  • As of 4/9/09, every single one of Ardebitis's poops has at least 1 clip from either Nightmare City or Savior Cat.