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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

In brief[edit]

Started all the way back in 2007 and have been making YTPs pretty consistently since then. Probably made over 100 YTPs by now. Most of them are shit. Used Windows MovieMaker for the first two years, then eventually switched to iMovie HD which I made most of my YTPs in. Recently (late 2017) finally made the jump to Vegas. It feels like heaven.

Besides YTP, I also used to do Let's Plays, though I've kinda stopped doing that recently. I also enjoy audio editing and occasional writing, and sometimes the audio editing even over into my YTP work.


First poop seen Jeff Lindbloms famous "What is spaghetti?". It inspired me right away.

^that was the old answer I wrote when I originally made this page back in 2008. Now I'm not so sure anymore... I definitely know that I saw Kayetokun's "Over 9000" fairly early on, and that I was lead to see that via some sort of mashup between "This is Sparta!" and the DBZ scene. Hard to trace back now, but I've been watching YTPs since at least Spring 2007.

First poop made

My very first "Youtube Poop", even though it wasn't named as such, was a real-time mashup of a video showing a contestant of the German casting show "Deutschland sucht den Superstar". I basically played around with the video's seekbar and recorded it. That recording, however, is lost now, as far as I know. I never uploaded it anywhere, either.

The first poop I made that's survived the last decade is simply titled "Zelda CDI Remix" and can be found (re-uploaded) here.

Most recent poop

"Steamed Hams but Skinner makes Aurora Borealis"

Because fads are fun.


Preferred sources

Used to be (2007 - 2010):

• CD-I clips, • Family guy • Super Mario brothers • Totally new sources (like in "Mac Donalds weirdness)

Is now:

• Anything I come across and think "Oh, this might be fun to poop!" about.

Disliked resources

Used to be (2007 - 2010):

• (sorry to say that) Sonic the hedgehog clips • Anime/Manga • Some asian sh*t clips

Is now:

• What the fuck I hated anime once?

General Dislikes


• Tokio hotel • Your mother - jokes (they've got lame) • Windows


• Mint chocolate


(Of course) The Electric Cheese, Calculate900, link123456, Cerebralbored and ADHDYoshi. Some others nowadays. A lot of the Rosen poopers.


Some videos of mine blew up unexpectedly, but I guess that's inevitable if you continue pushing out shit for over 10 years. My most viewed (and disliked, rightfully so) video is "Charlie the Unicorn 3" and if I didn't care about channel history (and, let's be honest, view count) that much, it would already be long gone. Don't bother, you literally have a better chance to find something funny by picking any random Youtuber and watching the first thing they ever uploaded.

Other videos blew up while, at least in my opinion, actually deserving the recognition. One of them is "A Short History of Trees", a "History of Japan" YTP. It's not perfect, but I'm happy with how most of the jokes turned out and there's two or three gems in there I really like.

Generally I have a few close friends and fans who've stayed with me over the years, some longer, some shorter, but overall, I'm fairly unknown and never really tried getting into any of the YTP communities, hence my reception is pretty much limited to the 1 video per year that somehow attracts over 10k views. And those are - usually - more or less okay.