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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
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The account(s) anti4evermario has/have been suspended from YouTube for crimes against copyright. YouTube Poop salutes you!
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 This Pooper is Dormant and unclassified to be retired or on hiatus.

In brief[edit]

4evermario is a well-known creator of YTPs, music videos, and animation. He specializes in Ed, Edd, n' Eddy and CD-I videos.


4evermario's first YouTube account was created around Summer 2006. It wasn't until December that year when he started to upload videos to it. He started by uploading old TV commercials by the makeshift method of actually recording the TV screen with a camcorder. He started creating a short series of Random Videos featuring Ren & Stimpy that boosted him into the YTP mainstream. Unfortunately, the Viacom crackdown coupled with a few clips of Looney Tunes shorts in his videos caused his very first YT suspension in February 2007. Right around he was suspended, he created a new account by the name of anti4evermario. Right near the end of the lifespan of his first account, he began experimenting with Ed, Edd, n' Eddy as a source for "random videos" as he called them at the time before YTP was the official moniker for these remixes. EE&E would become his most famous source and is used to this day. In March 2007, he created a simple music video by the name of "Ed, Edd, n' Eddy Music Video: Ghostbusters" which was merely clipping eps of Ed, Edd, n' Eddy to the Ray Parker Jr. theme song for Ghostbusters. What was made in one day became his most radically successful video ever, as by the end of his second account, it had thousands of views, near 800 comments, and around a thousand ratings. In October of 2007, 4evermario created "Ed, Edd, n' Eddy on Steroids" Until that time, his random videos were very basic. He began to use rapid editing, editing characters to say different things, and ear rape. The anti4evermario account had enjoyed a steady success until it and his two other alt accounts were tragically suspended on July 18, 2008. This was a huge blow to 4evermario, having lost his Ghostbusters music video with so much recognition. He instantly went from sky high to rock bottom, and had to work his way to the top again from scratch. On the exact same day anti4evermario was suspended, he created the 4evervids4you account, which remains to this day. Uploading most of the old videos from his old account, he had a moderate comeback. Thanks to friend support, he slowly but surely started to become well known yet again. His loud, random, spinning videos have captivated many and attracted a steadily growing fanbase.


Loud, random, ear-rape filled remixes. Contains some flash videos with plots.

Preferred Sources[edit]

Prefered Tech[edit]

In his early days, 4evermario used WMM as a primary source. It wasn't until a fatal glitch in WMM caused him to convert to Sony Vegas, which he uses to this day. Occasionally, he uses Final Cut Express as well.


YouTube Suspensions, seeing other accounts remain for years and years and having several of his deleted.


Quite well known by Ed, Edd, n' Eddy fans and general YTP fans alike.


Many people have said he can take things too seriously and can't take criticism well. People also dislike how he calls some of his CD-i videos poops. He has recently made a comeback, and for whatever reason, made almost all of his videos private.



Usually fellow Ed, Edd, n' Eddy show fans and YouChew forum members.




  • Hates the name "YouTube Poop", calling it disgusting. He seldom uses it except all the time with his CD-i poops. Everything else he calls "Random Videos".
  • His favorite video games include New Super Mario Bros., Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, the Donkey Kong Country Trilogy, Super Castlevania IV, Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon N64, and Super Mario Galaxy.
  • His favorite movie of all time is "O Brother Where Art Thou"


4evermario's current YouTube account, 4evervids4you. [1]